Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I'm feeling particularly snarky at the moment.
(My word for bitchy when I don't particularly feel like admitting to to being that nasty.)
I'm trying to work something out in my heart that I'm not totally understanding.
I am feeling flustered and overwhelmed and insecure and...
just lots more and's really.
I'm trying to make sense of why the flood gates opened and all it took was my husband getting home from work late to set me off.
All of a sudden I wanted to complain about everything.
I was mad I made dinner.
I was mad I went through the extra work to make his favorite banana bread.
I was mad I cleaned the dishes only to make MORE.
I was tallying up how many times I have taken out the garbage and waited for some sort of sticker on my good wife chart.
I just shut down.
(It's not PMS)
I haven't slept for the last two nights.
Midget has his 4 molars coming in all at once which means lots of late night painful cries.
I'm barely making it to work.
I don't know what the next day holds for me at the office
(you know, economic crisis and all...finally hits my neck of the woods)
I just feel SLAMMED by it all.

I put a bite of the cold dinner I made in my mouth and spit it out.
"I'm not hungry. I need five minutes."
So here I am.
Hus took midge on a walk
(He's got a 30 pound baby strapped to his back in a baby bjorn--I don't even know if that is safe!?)
But I wasn't about to argue with getting some space.
My eyes are barely open and even my biggest dreams feel heavy.

I'm just having that kind of moment.
I really hate these.


  1. I love {} your new blog...

  2. Hey sweetie! You started a new blog!!! Well, we all have nights like those... Unfortunately they're perfectly normal! Hope tomorrow is better!