Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pumpkins & Play

I just had the best Friday with my Midge!
It was actually my favorite day as a Mommy to date.After the Hus left for work, the little one and I headed out to my favorite local spot for some pumpkins and play time.
For the first time (pathetic I know) I let him just run around.
I let him get dirty.
I let myself sit and watch him do whatever he wanted to do
(until it included throwing the little pumpkins like they were balls.)
He stuck his hands in the hay...

He filled his trick-or-treat bucket with hay and dumped it all over his head.

He went through the kiddie hay maze...
and made it out all by himself.
He spun in circles in the dirt and played peek-a-boo with the chairs.
Before I knew it, the tourists were swarming our spot and we had been playing together for 2 hours. I left there with a dirty, happy boy in tow feeling like, "This Mom stuff is SO wonderful!" I had to make the decisions to let the house work go, to let the chores escape from my mind. I had to choose him and it was an awesome choice.

So not only did I have a good Mommy day, I really had fun during his nap time!
I have seen so many Fall projects on so many of your blogs that I have been MORE than a little inspired.
So...I did a few.
Oh it felt good to have a little creative fun again!
Happy Weekend, Happy Crafting, Happy Mom-ing, Happy Fall!!


  1. love it, Legs - Happy Mommy-day....good for you! May you have many many more days like this. I so wish that my daughter was home with me and we can do fun things like this on any given day......It flies by - enjoy it while it lasts!


  2. Glad you could let it all go and have a wonderful day! It is so hard to let it all go sometimes, but it is soooooo rewarding! Pictures are great! I love the pumpkins! Especially the BOO ones! Great idea! Have a great weekend!

  3. Looks like the perfect way to spend the day!! Such gorgeous photos!!

  4. What a fun day, beautiful pictures and gorgeous crafts! Love the sparkles.

  5. Fun! Great pictures. I love how your crafts turned out. I may have to try them myself! Especially the glitter one. Did you just use glue and glitter?

  6. Oh what fun YOU BOTH HAD!!!! getting out of housework is the best!! and then to play in glitter... you are so HappY!!!!
    i'm so happy for yoU!

  7. fun day indeed!
    i sure love a glittered pumpkin!

  8. I love the black pumpkins with B-O-O written upon them! So clever~

  9. What a beautiful Mommy day you had! I'm sure those are memories that you'll cherish forever...

    I LOVE your pumpkins too! So beautiful...

    Thank you for visiting and following my bliss... I'm thankful! :)

    Blessings, Kate

  10. I love your pumpkin projects. I don't have kids yet but know that I will have a hard time letting them get dirty and messy. I'm glad you had such a good time together. Such beautiful weather too!

  11. This is such a great moment in sweet, so perfect! I love it...

  12. what a sweet day!!
    love your glittered pupkins~~we did those last year and it was such a messy bunch of fun~

  13. Thanks for entering the giveaway! Isn't it amazing how being a Mom changes your whole idea on holidays and seasons(well, and only just everything)? It's like for the briefest of moments we get to relive little things of our childhood, through our kiddos. Every little thing that excites my little boy excites me. Even if it is just cheerios. Love your blog, and I'll be back!