Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mac & Messy

I'm going to tell you something...
I'm sort of a control freak.
I like things neat and tidy
(or at least in a state of chaos that I can understand and get through)
Feedings are not chaos I can get through.
I'm the freak that keeps a box of wipies in the kitchen and wipes his mouth and hands between bites.
(I'm fostering co-dependency aren't I?
He's never going to be able to feed himself because I'm to obsessed with making sure he's clean, huh?
But look what I did today!!
I let him get THIS messy!!
(granted I was busy wife'ing...which means cooking the dinner I bought at Dream Dinners ;)
But I did it.
I let macaroni get on the walls.
I let soft shells litter my freshly mopped floor.
I let his entire body get covered in cheese....
and then I panicked.
I stared...and stared...and stared not knowing what to clean first.
I simply grabbed the baby, kept him 3 feet out in front of me, and dunked him in the tub.
Then I tackled the kitchen.
This is as messy as it could possibly get, right?!
R I G H T ?!?!


  1. You're a brave lady! I have a really hard time letting my kids get messy too. It just kills me.

  2. LOL, kids have a way of beating the neurosis right out of you, don't they!

  3. Oh my! :)
    I just found your lovely blog!

    Have a great day!

  4. I'm proud of you girl. I was once the same way. Once I let it go it has actually been pretty freeing. Now, this does not mean that I am no longer a control freak.....Just not with that.
    Thanks so much for sharing with us again. I just adore you and your sweet heart!

  5. wrong! It gets worse, much worse... One time the girls got into the finger paint while I was in the shower and then made a crazy mistake to do my hair before I checked on them... Let's just say it's a miracle they're still alive today. Just kidding... But everything cleans up and no one notices a little stain here and there! I'm sure he was having a GREAT time getting all messy!

  6. hi...im so glad you stopped by my blog so that i may find yours...
    i totally relate to the post...i cannot stand messy, sticky, sloppy, disorganized, disfunctional or anything of the like...but with 3 kids...i am getting better...i think!
    cant wait to read more of your lovely blog.
    cheers to keeping it neat and tidy!!

  7. Oh, how I remember those days! Cherish even that Allegra, it goes by sooooooooo fast!

  8. I love this...when we have mac and cheese, I just take my sons shirt off, no use, it will be disgusting afterwards and then we do straight to the sink for a bath! :) let them get messy is all cleans up....most of the time! :)

  9. Oh ha, ha... it can get much worse. I still remember the day I went in to wake up my small son from naptime, only to discover that he had um, er, um discovered some "au-naturel-fingerpaints" to which he colored the walls with... I pretty much felt EXACTLY the same way wondering what to clean first, and then I got a pair of rubber gloves, and a garbage bag. I threw everything away that even looked like it had been touched...

    and then he did it again the next day.

    And then I had a stiff drink and quit my day job.


    I got smart, cut off the bottoms of the footed jammies, and turned those suckers around on his little diapered behind and all was well.

    Sometimes you gotta clean them... sometimes you just have to outsmart them so you don't have to clean them, and the trick is knowing which is which.

    Good luck.

  10. I had to smile once I saw the picture!! I have to tell you that my chickadees don't do that anymore and that picture tugged at my heart and i missed it... i know, call me so lame but I could just see the smile his face while he was learning to eat by himself! My husband would say that i only did it a handful of times... let them get that messy, and now wish i did it more!
    So stinken cute he is!!!
    P.S. just keep the Sharpie's very HIGH in the cupboard.... i learned this the very hard way!!!


  11. Those are some of the cutest pictures I have ever seen!

  12. You just need to have more children and give up on perfection:-)