Thursday, September 24, 2009

Marital Health Day

In elementary school, there would be days I'd want to play hookey and my mom would let me.
She called these days, "mental health days."
For the days we stayed home though, no TV was allowed and it was just time to emotionally and spiritually recover
(elementary school is rough, ladies!)
With the Hus working 2 full time jobs and me with my 1 full time job + wife + lil' etsy store...
it's a lot.
Yesterday I just realized we have been like two roommates who share a home and a kid.
We're both working toward the same goal: freedom from working for the man
but it means a lot of sacrifice now.
Well, today we took a "Marital Health Day" and called in "run down" at work.
(If you're bored--stay tuned, the ending of this lil' ditty is good!)
Ahhhh, we both sighed as we sat in silence with the Midge off at daycare/school.
What shall we do?!
Lets get away!
Wine taste? Picnic? Book store + Coffee?
Too classy? Ok, we shall go beer tasting in a town 30 minutes away so we will not get caught by anyone we know and we can giggle and love like newlyweds!
Line em' up. We're ready for some good conversation and some fun new beers!
Oh, and we shall require two orders of fried and greasy food with our beer, thank you!
Our day was went along swimmingly.
We were content and free and connected
here comes the good stuff...
"Honey, lets take a drive to Target!"
(Little luxury for us)
"But FIRST lets go to Pier 1 Imports!"
La-dee-dah...what beautiful things...I should go look at more!
As I casually turned around my internal alarm went off as I saw two familiar faces...
The faces of my bosses!
I called in "sick" today! I am SO busted!
What do I do?! Where do I GO?!
The bathroom!!!
I locked myself in the bathroom at Pier 1 Imports because I just can't stop running into my favorite people these days!!
How did I end up on my "Marital Health Day" in a store, 30 minutes out of town, with my bosses?!
15 minutes later, the Husband gave me the clearance---coast was clear and I think I went unnoticed?!
Peaceful day with my Hus with one SERIOUS Adrenaline rush!

In the end, look how happy having today alone with my man made me!!
All of this alone time and conversation (and tasty beer!) has made my mood Very Happy!!
The proof is in the mood ring~ Ka Ching!


  1. So funny!!! What are the chances??? That happened to me ages ago. I called in sick and then went out dancing at a club. My boss asked me how my night went...she went on to tell me that she saw me at the club. What the heck? She was 15 years older than me at the time and pregnant...why was she in the club. I had to quit out of sheer embarrassment of my lie:-) I was young for the record.

  2. Those nachos look so yummy! It's great you guys got a chance to hang out and spend quality time together. I need to take a marital health day with my hubby. :) Love the mood ring!

  3. Sounds like you guys had a great day (with one exception)....ha! Sometimes you just need a day to reconnect. We are planning on taking a "marital health day" closer to Christmas so we would go shopping for the little one.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. That is perfect for any marriage...a day alone. Sounds wonderful. We need one of those too. Love the ring. So glad you went unnoticed:)

  5. oh my goodness, that is something that would totally happen to me too. my hubby and i totally need a day like that. Have a great weekend Allegra! Oh, one more thing, your little guy looks so cute with his new haircut!!!

  6. Oh my heart...that sounds like an outstanding day. The Accountant and I do that on date nights. Nothing like a good beer and nachos...throw target in and I am happy :)
    Have an outstanding weekend
    Hugs to you

  7. I SO LOVE that you had a day like this - YAAAAAY! That makes me so happy for you guys.

    Justin and I did that last year - our go-to date is dinner/movie - last year we would keep Katelyn in daycare at school for an extra hour, go to an early lunch and a 1:00 movie. Fabulous. every couple NEEDS those!


  8. i AM SOOOOO clapping my hands and laughing out loud right now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE your day out with your hubby.
    Oh my gosh...O happy Day.

  9. You forgot to mention our stake out :)
    I had a blast sweetie!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful day Allegra and how cute is it that your hubby just commented! ahhh....he certainly loves you!

  11. that is so funny about your boss. i mean just after beer tasting. isn't the the way it always is. when i has in high school we had someones mom call a bunch of us in. there we were having lunch and in walked my mom. the sweet thing was she knew what we were up to...NOTHING just having some girl time. she said to enjoy the rest of my afternoon but she will see me at home. i took a deep breath before walking in the door later that afternoon and she just smiled at me and told me not to tell my dad.

  12. love it!!!!!! I love the idea of the day off from well as the idea to go make some nachos. :)

  13. Ha! I love the idea of a marital health day! The hubs and I are going out tonight for our anniversary and my parents are taking all 3 kids overnight - yipeeeee! Hope you have a fab weekend sweetie!!!

    :) T

  14. Oh no! I can not believe you ran into your bosses...that is so crazy. Whenever I call in I feel guilty all day like I can't do anything fun. Maybe one day I'll get over it...

  15. you left out the "details"......
    happy you got a good day "off".
    p.s. look at you rocking the comments girl!

  16. glad you had a great day!! I used to give my kids "mental health days" too! have a good weekend!

  17. yikes...i was nervous just reading about it!!
    have a relaxing and wonderful weekend~

  18. Too funny! I thought that sort of thing only happened to me! So happy you were able to dodge the bullet on that one. I was once "caught" and had to come up with a clever excuse! I so need a marital health day. They should periodically be mandatory! Have a great weekend!

  19. OH NO! I bet you about peed your pants. So glad you went unnocticed! I love that you took a day of to devote to your Honey. Putting your marriage first is never a bad idea. This coming from someone who's been grouching and picking all morning at her Honey. Guess I need to eat some humble pie:) Have a great weekend.

  20. Too fun! Love time with DH like that... And yes, we go to Target too sometimes on our dates, lol! :)

  21. SOunds like a GREAT hubby and I could use one.>>SO glad you did not get caught.