Thursday, September 24, 2009


There are a few things I could just indulge in on a weekly basis.
Going to the salon is one of them.
I love having my hair washed, the opportunity to read trashy gossip magazines, and eat the free candy by the hair dryers.
I have gone to the same hair dresser since I was ten.
Sure, I cheated on her throughout the years but thankfully, she always took me back.
In my wise age, I know now that I could never leave her and there isn't anything that would even make me consider it.
Scratch that
there is ONE thing that would make me reconsider it
Does she work at the salon?
Does she just so happen to make appointments with her recently transferred over hair dresser at the same time I have mine or my son has his?
Actually, the first time I saw her in real life was at the salon.
I sorta wanted to throw up.
I went into that zone...that girl zone
"She's so pretty! She's so skinny! She's soooo...."
The only sane thing to do at that point is start texting...
texting the best friend and the husband and your mom and twitter about it and then facebook about it...
Ok, I didn't go that far.
I just texted one of the nearest and dearest and the husband.
My favorite part about running into her:
Seeing her after I had shown up late to work so I had to bypass make up & then sat at my desk for 7 hours eating my feelings.
N-O-T a good combo.
the redeeming side is how much HER hair dresser kept talking about how cute my son was as we sat NEXT to each other for 20 minutes.
I couldn't help but smile and think...
"Thanks for cheating on my now husband. You really missed out on the good life."
And all self focused ranting aside,
I think I brought home a different kid with the big hair cut!
We may have cut off the sweetness 'cuz suddenly he grew an attitude when the hair shrunk!
Oh, but he's too cute!


  1. what a handsome little or not!
    so...lola said to me the other day....
    mom..i think we need to cut my hair!!
    Seriously....she is so tired of the FREAKIN tangles every morning...

  2. Cute haircut and funny story - thanks for sharing!

  3. What a sweet new do. Love it. Hair cuts always make them seem so much older.

  4. Aww...what a cutie! Reminds me so much of my Cameron when he was a little guy. That first major haircut, cutting off his blonde curls, I swear it made him look two years older!

  5. Oh he is a cutie!!! And P.S. and BTW, I laughed hysterically at this post!!

    :) T

  6. love his haircut! so sweet! your post made me laugh..been there!

  7. Oh he has Big boy hair!! Adorable!

    You poor thing, I would have texted someone too!! Bless your heart.

  8. This post was so awesome!

    I love when my boys get fresh new haircuts.

  9. I'm glad Ms. Cheater is a schmuck and you're living the good life with your wonderful hubby and gorgeous son! His hair looks adorable, you'll have to let us know if his attitude adjust with his hair growth!!


  10. I'm laughing over the texting.... hee hee So cute!! and i laughed at the attitude after the hair cut!! my son gets his hair cut and walks around thinking he is so cool! it's hilarious! i bet you look 1,000 and 1 times cuter than the ex!!!

  11. Oh what an uncomfortable situation to be in. I feel for you. I don't know what that would be like, but I can imagine. Your son is adorable with his new 'do by the way:)

  12. God you cannot escape those damn exes in that town! Anyhoo, at least you had your adorable love bug there with you......and I'm pretty sure I've been eating my feelings every day this week so welcome to my life ;) And I am even MORE scared than you to try on my dress! SHeesh!

  13. I love that post. So funny. Your little man is growing up fast....I'm enjoying being along for the ride!

  14. Yup. That's what I need to do today. Haircuts by two, or maybe four ....