Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Frost This

I'm going somewhere sensitive.
Kids food and diet habits specifically.
Now, I'm not the mom who prescribes to anything in particular.
I mean, yah, I thought I was an awesome mom for giving my son organic Gerber jarred foods.
I thought I deserved an award for paying the ten cents extra for the DHA enhanced pureed veggies.
I patted myself on the back for the one week I actually made my own baby food.
But I'm not the soy-milk, vegan, protein lifestyle mama.
I like watching my kid eat a Joe-Joe and feel it's not too bad since they don't have the hydrogenated oil.
I think it's fun to give my son a popsicle.
I personally eat crap.
Lots of it.
I've given the munchkin an oreo.
With that being said--I'm all for fun, yummy snacks.
But what I don't let my kid have is
He's 16 months old!
I don't let my kid run around with a cup full of candy.
He's 16 months old!
(Did I already say that)
Um, I have a problem though...
if other people offer him said caffeinated beverages and processed sugars,
I feel like a bad person if I say,
"Please don't give him that."
I want to be a relaxed, cool mom who's hip with the jive and such.

So when I went to his school to pick him up today and got his lunch back full and she told me,
"He had pizza today."
I said, "Oh! He eats pizza! I didn't know that. How fun!"
and when we were walking out and another she said,
"Can I give him a cupcake?"
I felt obligated to say, "uh-huh"

Great. Thanks. Now I get a freshly napped baby with pizza on his adorable GAP T AND (added bonus) a sprinkled chocolate cupcake in front of his face.
(I know. My fault. I said, "uh-huh")

Well, I did what only a decent mom would do.
I let him eat two bites in front of the staff
(because frosted covered babies are soooooo cute...until YOU have to clean them)
and proceeded to think,
"Really?! REALLY? Now I have a lunch bag, his shoes, a 27 pound baby, AND a cupcake in my hands?"
We walked out the gate and to the car and I did it...
I broke the damn diet.
I hate the frosted top of the cupcake and gave the baby the cake part because now I had a whining baby who only knew he wanted MORE, MORE, MORE. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE
(Sometimes, baby sign language really sucks!)

To wrap my rant up,
please don't offer my kid a big fat cupcake right before I'm getting in the car and make me look like the weak person I am who has to say yes but wants to say,
"No. Frost This!"
Clearly, I have some issues and just want to blame someone else for the cupcake I ate.
It's my prerogative, right?

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