Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm Grateful for Tricycles

Today I am thankful for Friends.
I mean, genuine, deep, love-you-as-you-are Friends.
I don't seem to have too many of those.
As it turns out, I tend to attract dominant, choose-what-will-make-me-happy people.
A true friend will be your friend no matter how much distance is between you.
A genuine friend will tell you to pursue your dreams, even if your dreams are different from theirs.
A deep friend tells you when to snap out of it and when to let you cry a little bit longer.
I need all types of friends.
I need the friends who are right where I am, the friends who are ten years ahead in experience, and the ones who are just behind me.
Yes, I do. I need them all.

So today, I want to introduce you to one of my sweet friend that you haven't met,
Kaydence is this powerfully sweet woman with a hug that will smother you in goodness, a smile that will make it all right, and a heart that is strong.
Not to make it sound like a plague, but Kaydence is my single friend...
my single friend that I just cannot understand WHY she is single.
(still love me for saying that?!)
If you could meet her, you would know what I'm talking about.
The woman is this love out loud lady that just makes it right.
Her passion for the Lord is contagious and she's walked me right back to Him when I'm so upset I've melted away.

Kaydence recently started a secret blog
(sound familiar?)
She needed a place to peddle away from judgement and run right into support on her little bike.
Well here she is and you just have to get to know her!
The Third Wheel: My Life As A Tricycle
will just make you giggle and want to set her up with the next decent man you meet!

I'm grateful for you Kaydence.
You make it all right in my heart!

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  1. Off to visit your lovely friend...thanks for the link! Happy week to you!

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  3. Love you dear friend. You are my inspiration. Thank you for sharing my story. And of course I still love you for saying that!! ;)

  4. What a neat post. I am going to visit your friend. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I hope that you come back and stick around.

  5. i love meeting new friends! and coming from you i know i'm going to like her too,