Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NoNsEnSiCal ExpoSURE!

I think it's time to share a little bit more of me.
Perhaps a face to go with the words?
Perhaps some silly facts about the girl who writes this stuff?
So here ya go ;)
(By the way, I challenge you to try to think of 100 things about yourself that you can share. It's not that easy!! Actually, Tracy, I am tagging you. I want to know 100 things about you!!)
1. I was born in San Clemente, CA
2. I was in labor for 27.5 hours and an unsuccessful epidural experience
3. My favorite accessory is a scarf. Oh, hello Fall!
4. I listen to music to not only hear the melody, but I digest the lyrics.
5. I use to believe that I slept with my eyes open.
6. I once at a whole tub of butter--as a toddler.
7. My nickname is Legs--and not because they're nice ones.
8. I like to grow my hair out and chop it off.
9. I do NOT like when toe nails rub against me.
10. I typically eat everything on my plate except for one bite.
11. I love sweets--obsessively & compulsively.
12. I could eat breakfast for all three meals of the day.
13. I lived in Italy for one month in college.
14. My major was Women's studies after trying three others. It was the only one that I felt had the most challenging professors and really pushed me. I LOVED it!
15. My favorite color is pink. Sometimes I think I should change it because it's not unique.
16. I believe I'm judged by the paint on my toenails. Bare toes are NOT an option.
17. I do NOT like to exercise. I believe I should be naturally skinny and able to eat anything I want to. This is NOT reality.
18. I wish I could spend all of my pennies at Anthropologie but pennies don't buy anything there.
19. My dream house looks like a white beach cottage complete with sea grass outside, a white picket fence, and wood floors.
20. My favorite shoes are flats...I could have a room full of adorable flats!
21. My grandmother bribed me to stop biting my nails as a child with shopping sprees at South Coast Plaza. To this day, my nails grow out until they break.
22. My love language consists of gifts and words of encouragement.
23. I have a cat who's name is Lola.
24. I like to bake…especially with pink kitchen tools!
25. I know what I like in terms of decorating but I have NO IDEA how to make it happen or put it together in my own house.
26. I love to save money: a good sale, a coupon, a discount…I'm not picky,
27. I played volleyball in high school.
28. I was in Gottschalks with my mom when OJ was fleeing police and we watched it LIVE in the media center.
29. My mom woke me up when Princess Diana died and we watched the news together.
30. I lived across the street from my elementary school and if I yelled loud enough my mom would bring me popsicles.
31. I use to raise sheep with my friend in 4-H.
32. I am not good at doing my own hair.
33. I love baths and one day I'll own one I'm not disgusted by.
34. I am very spontaneous and love romantic gestures.
35. My first job was as a maid at a local hotel.
36. I once knew everything there was to know about Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
37. I like to put my feet on the dashboard when the hus drives but it makes him nervous.
38. I adore purses!
39. I would like to own more shoes than I have. Red heels, green heels, and new work out shoes are on my list.
40. I would like to raise my kids for part of their life abroad. I want them to experience more of the world than just the US.
41. I once wanted to live in Vermont just because Ben & Jerry's was born there and original Scrabble pieces were made from Vermont maple.
42. My dream vacation is to go to NY to see a Broadway show and get iced hot chocolate at Serendipity.
43. I HATE frogs!
44. My parents white suburban was stolen twice from the save driveway and returned both times.
45. I wear a name tag at work.
46. I am a huge wine fan!
47. I don't like to talk on the phone but I do like e-mails.
48. Photography is a fun hobby I share with my husband.
49. I like unique names for my unborn children.
50. My husband proposed to me by writing me a song and sang it to me on the beach where we had our very first kiss.
51. I love to sing.
52. I enjoy reading but don't trust myself to pick out a book. It must be recommended by a friend.
53. I have a very hard time asking for help. I'd rather carry eight boxes and try opening the door myself.
54. I would love to own my own stationary company. Problem is, I can envision things, but I can't necessarily create what I envision.
55. I have to sleep with my eyes covered.
56. I'm addicted to reading the blogs of others...especially photography blogs!
57. I use to require 1 Diet Cherry Pepsi each morning. I'm now caffeine free! Sodas AND coffee!!
58. My dream wedding would have been the smallest group of friends and family possible on the beach where we were engaged.
59. I want to go to Italy with my husband some day soon.
60. I am extremely stubborn and it's hard to break myself of the habit.
61. I saw a psychic once and I felt the presence of evil.
62. My favorite grocery store is Trader Joes! Makes me feel like a successful housewife!
63. My cousins are some of the most precious people I know and I love them!
64. I like to play scrabble with my family.
65. I am a backseat driver.
66. I wish I could be a travel writer.
67. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I have so many amazing traditions in my family. Everything about Christmas is amazing.
68. I would like to go on a missions trip to Africa.
69. My first car was a 1984 Turbo Diesel Mercedes. It was amazing!
70. I am NOT a morning person!
71. I have a sensory issue when it comes to things I touch. I don't like reading certain books if the paper feels icky and I don't like having dirty hands.
72. I would like to build something. Can I do it without getting dirty?
73. I think painting an apartment I live in would be a waste of time and money although it would be nice and more home like.
74. I am a people pleaser to a fault.
75. My favorite place in California is Monterey.
76. I pee with the bathroom door open.
77. When we go out to eat, we split a meal to conserve our caloric intake.
78. I tend to think of someone hours before they call or write me. I've also been good at predicting pregnancies lately.
79. The top three things I would like to buy right now are: a new wardrobe, hair extensions, and a laugh transplant.
80. I would love to learn how to cook like my cousins.
81. Our family goal is to be self-employed.
82. I really do think Disneyland is the happiest place on earth....until the kids are crying and the teenagers are making out in front of me.
83. I come up with really geeky slogans that marketing people would eat up.
84. I do NOT like Chinese food.
85. Sushi is one of my favorite meals. Crunch roll & Spicy Tuna!
86. Prepackaged sandwich meat tends to gross me out--especially with the red dots in there.
87. The only socks I wear are ankle socks.
88. Once upon a time, I enjoyed painting.
89. I use to collect Muffy Bears. (You'll have to look that up, but there are some classics.)
90. I love the idea of scapbooks but I don't have the time or space for them. My goal is to digital scrapbook soon.
94. I use to have my nose and my belly button pierced.
95. I like indie music and searching for new artistis.
96. I went to college at Saint Mary's in Moraga, Ca.
97. I LOVE LOVE LOVE candles! The hus made me stop buying them and I've almost burned through all the ones I own. He is afraid of them--afraid I'll burn the house down.
98. My grandma taught me how to knit but I don't remember how to do it.
99. I use to have a blanky called Gee Gee (hard g) and a matching pillow I called Sucky.
100. I like to sleep with my feet hanging off the edge of the bed or close to it.


  1. We have a little too much in common. I can not imagine how long it took you to think of 100 things about you. That is a LOT! I had a hard time thinking of 10 the other day :)

  2. love your list...i'm gonna come back later and read it again...

  3. Alright, I went through the list...
    I too digest music for lyrics
    I too love sweets
    I too eat everything except for one bite on my plate
    I agree on exercise sucking
    LOVE anthro but can't afford it
    My dream home would also be a white beach cottage with white picket fence and hardwoods
    I too love baking (I'm dying with no oven)
    I too suck at doing my own hair
    I too love baths, can't wait for my tub
    I too adore purses but what girl doesn't?
    I went to NY and saw a broadway show....amazing
    I too can't ask for help
    Everyone thinks I'm crazy that I can't sleep without my eyes covered...A weird quirk I picked up after my face injury and surgery five years ago, can't break it.
    I too am super stubborn
    I too am a back seat driver
    I too am a people pleaser to fault
    I too believe disneyland is the happiest place on earth...can't wait to go back.
    There ya have it :)


    you want me to do 100? Ok, challenge accepted. :)

    Now, lets talk about some of these babies:
    *I love #7. One might say I 'A.Love' it.
    *I got in a HUGE "discussion" with my Mom-in-law about #47. I'm so not a phone person.
    *I have the exact opposite problem of #54. Might we do a little collaborating?
    *I don't know what I'd do with out TJ's, too!
    *#67 - so true. And I have no idea how much longer our old traditions will last.
    *ME TOO about #78. On BOTH - Mamo has the same 6th sense.
    *same about #98. So sad. You need to move here so we can take a sewing and knitting class together - and we can have 'craft' days where we just create together. MOVE. HERE. :D

    Love this list - i'll do it for Friday!


  5. love all of them!!!!!! I have NO idea how on earth you came up with 100! I am also VERY jealous that your mom could bring you snacks from school just by yelling!!! I am sure you had loads of friends!

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway!

    I am so glad I found your blog; you are a beautiful writer, and your little guy is so adorable!! :)

  7. We have SO MUCH in common so I will leave it at this. We will live in little beach cottages next door to each other while we admire the scents coming from each whether it's from a really yummy candle, or something yummy baking in the oven. We will give each other advice with our decorating dilemas and then enjoy each other's twinkly white lights at christmas. *sigh* I like the sound of this life! :)

  8. I love this and I love that you posted a beautiful picture of yourself. Funny, you look a little like the photographer who took our family photos last week. So, you are full of great ideas and inspiration. I will attempt the 100 things about me...:) When babies are snoozing and I have some me time.

  9. ok...i read the list again and i totally think we should start a band together as co-singers!

    have a wonderful night~~~

  10. Oh and when I was little I dreamed that I would grow up and live in...wait for it...Monterey...ok really Carmel or Big Sur but close enough and as luck would have it I met and married a man who was born in raised in Big Sur...except he lives in Arizona....A cosmic cruel joke..I'm ok with Arizona right now but not Forever. I am meant to be by the ocean.

  11. A list that long would take me forever! I loved learning more about you and all the things that make you so uniquely "you"! I so hope someday, we can meet in person.

  12. ::blink::
    that's a long list! But SO interesting! I had to hurry up an d comment so I could go back and read some more. Thanks for sharing!

  13. oh LEGS...
    i love your list...
    we have so much in common.

  14. This was fun! I had to chuckle when you said you pee with the bathroom door open, for some reason that cracked me up. I don't like the way dirty pages of a book feel, either! They're sticky and gritty and just nasty. Oh, and my sister used to carry a pillowcase around when she was little, and she called it her Sucky Thing. O.o

  15. Oh my goodness...I think we are related! and I have the "hoppy" vanderbears! in my studio!!!
    What fun to read!

  16. Wow that's a lot to take in. We have so much in common. Read Francine Rivers...Redeeming Love. It's just the best. I wish you could be a travel writer too. You would rock that job. Thanks for sharing. I love getting to know my friends better:)

  17. Wow, but what happened to 91, 92, and 93?? :)
    I think we were separated at birth, really!!!!!! although I have never eaten a whole tub of butter, that makes me cringe at the thought...I also had a failed epidural, that sucks, huh and I went in on A sunday and didn't have a baby til Tuesday, what is that all about! :) Thank you for sharing, I could never pull out 100 things about are WAY more interesting! muwahhhh...oh, I wanna be self emploed too...
    I will stop at some point...91 could be you would love to have an airstream, 92 could be you love wheat thins and want to go to Farm Chicks !:)

  18. Loved finding out more about you. Lots of those same things would describe me too, especially #8 #17 and #51!

    Enjoy your day!

  19. I read this late last night and didn't have time to here i am back!! i am having trouble with my list of 10 i am suppose to do! this is awesome!I wish I could have read this list with everyone all together over bottles of wine!! we all would be yelling out which one was us...My favorite town is Monterey. We lived there for 2 years and LOVED everything about it!!
    your list had me smiling BIG,

  20. Wow! Amazing list! We have so much in common. Thanks for sharing and love the new pictures!

  21. cheers to you for coming up with 100 things! I love reading these lists and finding I share so much in common with others...