Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Channeling Britney

It's easier to be a mom some days than others.
Some days I feel like Julie Andrews...
I've got a dance in my walk, a song to sing, and diapers, feedings, & crying are a few of my favorite things.
Other days (much like the last two) I feel like Britney Spears...
I am two seconds away from shaving my head and I think driving with my baby in my lap is a great idea.
I personally think Britney was on to something
(with the driving thing, not the shaving the head thing..although...nevermind)
Anyone else dread going anywhere because it just takes so much time?
I mean, you've gotta make sure the diaper bag is packed, the milk is in a bottle, the snacks are in their cups, and then the car seat?
Why would Britney ever have two?
Oh yah,
because she probably has hordes of personal assistants, a chef, a maid, a chauffer, and--despite what my mom says, I'm positive that she must have someone that wipes her butt, too.
(Should I have prefaced that "my mom" statement? When I idolized stars as a kid she'd try to get me to see the light by saying, "There is nothing special about them. They wipe their own butts just like you. )
Back to the point....
Britney had two because she doesn't have to do anything herself!
I can barely handle one!
(This says the girl who is currently having her home cleaned because her mom wanted to bless her this month --niiiiice.....way to be grateful, right?)
So anyway,
Where's my Julie Andrews me?
Why is Britney on my Radar?
I just need a spoon full of sugar to help this mommy medicine go down...
Thrifty's Chocolate Malted Crunch ice cream? Twix? Cookies?


  1. I sooo totally understand! I remember when my boys were little like yours, it just seemed like soooooo much work, and somedays, I didn't want to do all the work! I know this souds so cliche, but seriously, it all goes by so fast Allegra. My boys are 14 and 9 now, and that happened in the blink of an eye. I would give anything for them to still call me mommy!

  2. Oh my gosh... I'm just dying here. Hang on, I need a moment.

    Okay... I think I can stop laughing now.

    First of all... I think we were all just like Mary Poppins before we all had kids... we were just "perfectly perfect in nearly every way" and then we had kids...

    I was such a perfect mom before my kids were born. Then it just all went down the drain.

  3. isn't that the truth...we were all pefect moms before we had kids!
    great funny post today.

  4. Too funny! Maybe we should all channel Britney and think "What would Britney DO?" Just kidding:) I think we do pretty good. Being a mom is just hard. Hang in there. Oh and what a blessing to have your mom help you out...can you send her over here next??

  5. well we never have groceries because it requires going to the store. Now that I have 3 hrs a day to myself I go everywhere... target, michaels, fun little boutiques... Your time is coming. Those young ones can be hard! Older kids are easier (and harder) And you what? They even get in the car by themselves and buckle their own seat belts and that my friend is heaven!

  6. Everyone has hard days...EVERYONE!! It does get easier and you will have more time again...I promise.

  7. HA! That is so funny! Those are the days that you strap kids in the car seat.....go to Starbucks drive thru......and just drive. Ignore any fighting, complaining, everything and just drive. (I have ended up in Orlando before....about an hour and a half away and decided to go to lunch!)