Friday, February 26, 2010

Party for TWO: Part II

And the party's starting to shape up!
I personally LOVE inspiration boards because they help me FOCUS.
I get SO many ideas in my head that I lose where I'm going.
So, here it is...
My 2nd inspiration board for Midge's 2nd birthday
but the theme is final: Country Carnival!{Invitation: Oh Hello Friend
Cupcakes with Pinwheels: Rare Bird Finds
Sprinkles, Peanut Bags, Cupcake Papers, Straws & Popcorn Bags: Hey Yo Yo

I'm excited for my invitation supplies to come in.
I gotta get my hands on some craft pronto ;)


  1. Looks like your midge is going to be one lucky fellow. My lil one is 19 months and I think that I need to start making the plans for her birthday now! We just moved to Japan though, so we have to get to meeting some new play friends for her first! Love the country carnival theme, lots of possibilities there!

  2. cuuute! I love those pinwheels!

  3. FUN!!! Love that peanut bag...too cute:)

  4. I did a carnival theme for my youngest's 5th birthday and it was the most fun. I borrowed an old fashioned popcorn maker and we played carnival games. All of the kids went home with bags of goldfish just like at a real carnival. It was great. Good luck!

  5. everything is looking so cute!!!

  6. Very fun! I love planning parties! I've already got ideas brewing for my 2 boys (both have b-days in may) We're hosting a circus/carnival themed party this year! I love that we can always have it at a park!!

  7. yaaaaaay! Would it be rude to ask for an invitation? ;)


  8. Wonderful inspiration!!! Looks like it's going to be such a fun party!! Can you plan my kid's parties??!!

    Hope you have a great weekend Allegra!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  9. I have a confession to make. I don't throw a very cute party. This looks like this is going to be the bomb!

  10. I love all of this. We threw a carnival party for Jack when he turned five...he still remembers it and EVERYONE loved it!

  11. AHHHH it's going to be great!!! Love this theme and all the goodies you are going to make... so sweet...
    tomorrow i'm in full swing party mode.... have 4 days to get it together!!

  12. how sweet! i love birthday parties for little ones! waiting for the stuff to arrive is the hard part! have a great week! susan

  13. how fun !!!
    I want to come.

  14. adorable! love idea boards, especially for parties!