Monday, February 22, 2010

1 Chocolate Bar A Day....

A few weeks ago I was perusing Facebook as I usually do when one of those little ads in the column caught my eye for Attune Foods. I can't remember what it said specifically but the word PROBIOTICS stuck out to me. While I've never clicked a Facebook promotion before, I was ecstatic I clicked this one. Probiotics + Chocolate = I'm in!My relationship with Probiotics started a few months ago. I took my Midge into the ER after he started tremoring with what turned out to be gas pain. While the ER couldn't tell me what to do or what was wrong, my chiropractor could and had some suggestions. After taking his advice and switching from Dairy milk to Rice milk for the midge + adding a recommended probiotic addition to his morning drink to regulate his digestive system, he was a brand new kid. No more gas pain and still the nutrients he needed to maintain his health and immune system. I ♥ Probiotics! Now I had to a) figure out how to get a probiotic kick for myself and b) find it in a form that tastes good (Which, to be honest, I was far more concerned with finding a way to eat a good-for-me treat than anything else). Attune Foods just so happened to offer me the best of two important worlds. {YES!}
How the Chocolate Bars work: It's recommended that you eat one full bar a day. ( Seriously? I "HAVE" to eat a chocolate bar once a day? SOLD!)
  • 3-8 grams of sugar
  • Excellent source of calcium
  • Only 80-90 calories
  • 3 grams of fiber
  • Take it on the go
Thanks to Annelies, Attune's Online Community Manager, I had the opportunity to sample 3 of their flavors so I could both see if I wanted to purchase them & share my opinion with all of you!
Annelies was so sweet she sent me 3 bars, each a different flavor:

Dark Chocolate
Chocolate Crisp
Mint Chocolate

They have now all been eaten (and only because I HAD, too, right?! ;)) I made the Hus try them, too, despite his reluctance. He thought he was going to put something that tasted like cardboard in his mouth, but, get this! Not a trace of "oooh, that's a health food" taste, we both looked at each other and did a double take. Wrap it in a candy bar wrapper and no one would know the difference! I'm officially a new Attune fan (I sound like a car salesman but I swear, so yummy! Se La Vie Snickers! Now I have a really good excuse to take a break with some chocolate :)

*Find them near you here


  1. it doesn't take much for me to try new things.....but if YOU recommend it...I'm insta sold.

    So, where do I sign up!?

  2. I have to be honest and tell you that my training diet is ruled by hitler but the only thing he didt cut out was CHOCOLATE... so how do I get this things in Guatemala??? sounds like fun, & if it haves chocolate, it goes in without a question!!!

  3. What a neat product! We're big into probiotics, too. Mostly in the form of homemade yogurt, but I'm willing to bet chocolate probiotics taste a whoooole lot better. ;)

  4. That sounds fantastic, I am definitely going to take a look at these! Thanks for sharing :)


  5. Sounds like a good combo to me! Where can you find them for purchace?

  6. these look interesting and the calories got me lol less than a hundred woohoo are these filling? do you think .i'm looking for a good bar to hold me over during the day since i'm not a big snacking person

  7. I don't think I would complain if I got to eat one chocolate bar every day.