Sunday, February 21, 2010

Party for TWO

It appears it's to start thinking about my Midge's 2nd birthday.
I was really hoping to avoid the party scene this year. I went a little overboard on his first birthday and I'm comfortable enough to tell you, his first birthday was all about me.
When nothing went exactly as I had pictured it, woe was me!
This year, I wanted to bypass the hordes of presents he didn't need, the hordes of family, & the mayhem.
I realize this is a little bit selfish.
However, my husband said he wants to do a party and apparently that's all he had to say to get me in the planning mood.

{1. ~ 2.
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8. ~ 9. ~ 10.}

I already ordered the paper and the envelopes and supplies I need to make his birthday invitations.
I was completely inspired by Dani's at OhHelloFriend Wedding Invitation. Seriously, that girl is SO inspiring!
She is one of those people that just makes me want to spend my entire invisible fortune on crafting supplies!
Well, I'm off in dream land (and undoubtedly setting unrealistic expectations for myself-- like my Mama always says: Expectations - Reality = Disappointment)
But I can dream.... ;)


  1. so fun!!! lots of great ideas!

  2. C's birthday is in 3 weeks. I'm off to buy my Betty Crocker cake mix! ;)

  3. Fun! That AB fabric is one of my favorites. Lots cute of ideas. I don't have another birthday to plan until May but I keep feeling like I need to get started since I'm such a procrastinator. :) Have fun planning your little guy's special day!

  4. (Selfishly) I can't wait for b-day party #2! I'm sad that I wasn't able to make #1. The Midge is one VERY BLESSED little man to have you as a mom!

  5. Thanks for the cute ideas, you never disappoint!
    I have to get crackn", my oldest daughter is turning 10 in early march. I'm looking for "cool" ideas for a sporty preteen.

    I'm VERRY open to ideas.....

  6. We party plan on the exact same day!! ;) this year we are taking the punk to Disney...with a backpack that has a leash of course...bypassing the whole party scene the may require inviting people I don't want to see! Happy Monday, and good luck!

  7. Oh my gosh.... where do i begin.... my mind is topsy turve my daughter is having a birthday next week... hello i have not sent out one invite/made the invite yet/ still can't think of a theme.... and you know i love themes... oh dang i'm in need of a miracle... ;) heehee
    any suggestions on last minute party for a 7 year old. I have the date and time i want
    Friday March 5 from 4-6 but thats it!!
    here's to party planning!!!

  8. I saw those invites on Oh Hello Friend! So cute!! I can't wait to see how it all turns out! xoxo

  9. Looks like the party is going to be great & very fabulous! Especially with all the do-it-yourself projects that your taking on. Thats the best way to make any occasion more personal and memorable. Good luck & have fun!