Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Turn the Other Way

The other night the hus and I were watching one of our TV shows through Netflix.
I know I've talked about my spiritual sensitivity before but I'm about to again.
An episode of the show came on and it was about voo doo.
I knew the instant it went there, I should have turned it off
but I did that thing
that thing where I tell myself I'm just being a baby and deal with it.

I told my husband,
"I feel weird. We shouldn't watch this."
The thing is, it doesn't affect him in the same way.

I talked to my soul sister and told her,
"I don't get how people can say 'it only affects you if you let it.'"
She reminded me that we all have our own spiritual battles.
What can be used against me may or may not be used against my husband.

I knew that because of what I have experienced in our home
because of what I have had to work so hard to pray out of my sons room
to pray out of our space
that letting a spiritual episode on voo doo run in our home was the wrong thing.

So why didn't I listen?
Why did I ignore what I felt was being impressed upon me?
Maybe because my husband wasn't feeling it?
Maybe because it felt crazy to let something "so little" bother me?
I am reminded though of something I learned awhile back--
when animals sense fear or something being off, they run.
Humans are the only living creature who keep walking at it telling themselves why they're being ridiculous.
We have a natural "flight" pattern built in us to tell us when we should turn the other way and seek safety and yet, we ignore it.
We as women are constantly aware of built in awareness--
whether we have to walk in a dark parking lot or get into a car where no one else is around
we are taught to constantly look over our shoulder
but here is an example of how I kept walking toward danger.

Lesson learned & hopefully never repeated!


  1. I love this post! SO many times I make the children change the channel- on the radio or t.v.- when they ask why? I reply: if we start feeling it's o.k. to watch or listen when our heart tells us otherwise we are allowing things IN- that are better left OUT- God gave us a great "radar" and I choose to let Him guide it!
    - and I have done the same thing before, like you, I was once in a movie with the children that I suddenly "felt" was filled with wrong messages, I discounted those feelings as paranoid- only to regret later not leaving that movie-I read a review of the movie days later agreeing with my thoughts!- lesson learned!

  2. Its so true, we are the only beings that just continually press forward regardless of our instincts.

    I can't watch paranormal shows/movies. I feel and see things all the time and those movies freak me out.

  3. I understand how you feel. I am deeply affected by things like that and my husband is not. I will turn the TV off in a heartbeat and he just brushes it off.

  4. I totally agree with you..we will be watching something and I will have to leave the room or just turn my head and plug my ears...these things affect me quite a bit - my man not so much. Great post! Have a beautiful day! xxoo

  5. i can relate. some things i just can't watch, if i do then i can't sleep or it just stays on my mind. it doesn't bother him like me. hope you are doing well today, thank you for stopping by :) sending a big hug! susan

  6. I totally understand, I can't watch or read anything that has the topic of the Devil/Satan. It really bothers me and makes me feel very uncomfortable. My husband really likes science fiction and there is a lot that I can't watch with him. Stay strong and trust your instincts, you have them for a reason!

  7. I agree with you that when you feel that thought of "maybe I shouldn't watch this" you really shouldn't push that feeling away- it's there for a reason. We have great instincts as women! Good for you for being sensitive to it!

  8. Wow. This was a great lesson for me.

    My husband also gets affected by things like that, and I usually don't. He's most often the one telling me we should throw something out {a certain book or movie}.

    I'm wondering if I should pay more attention...

  9. oh my gosh i had something happen to me flying home... my heart was racing, i "felt" unsettled, not right, alarms were going off in my head i tried calling my husband to tell him i didn't feel right. My intuition was right. I will always trust my intuition.

  10. Oh, I so have chills now just thinking about watching anything like that. I already have an overactive imagination and cannot deal with anything like that! I have so missed your beautiful blog and look forward to catching up on what I have missed. You are such an inspiration. Hope all is well your way. By the way, your pic at the top is just lovely!

  11. That's awesome. You have spiritual discernment and the Holy Spirit lets you know what you should or should not watch. I have it too. We went to see that Disney movie...The Princess and the Frog. The whole thing was about voodoo. Seriously, it was awful. I felt so uncomfortable, even my 9 year old kept looking over at me and I could tell she even hated it. We SHOULD have walked out, but we didn't. Those are life lessons to me. NEXT time we will!

  12. this is the first time i have ever heard anyone speak on this. i can't tell you how many times i've been watching something, and had that feeling that i shouldn't be letting it in my house...and then tell myself i am being ridiculous, but inevitably feel sick after making it through the episode. my husband isn't phased by it. we too are wired completely differently.
    but i need to follow my God given gut, and keep it out of my home!

  13. we all do this. I'm going to work harder and run as soon as I "feel" the warning. I do believe that you can allow things into your home and into your life but I'm also completely with you that God is bigger and you can pray anything back out! It would just be easier if we never let it in the first place! Let's work together okay?