Thursday, February 18, 2010

Etsy Love

I am an etsy-aholic.
It's true.
I scour and search and play and covet for, well, let's got get into how much time per day.
There are so many amazing artists out there!
I think the HARDEST part about Etsy is looking through it all!
So, today, I'm asking you to tell me
I'm dying to know!
And, to be fair, I'm sharing some stores I've got in my favorites list along with some items I'm drooling over!

{Roundabout ~ Hammered Disc Necklace in Gold, $22.00}

{Red Ruby Rose ~ Silk Clutch Purse, $105.00}

You're not leaving without telling me a few of your favorite items or stores are you??!!


  1. omg...those umbrella cards are adorable!!!1
    {i am a fellow etsy's a surprise i'm not in rehab yet}

  2. LOVE of my faves is Simple Linens.

  3. I love red ruby rose!

    Some of my favorites (how can you pick?)
    -Timeless Vixen Vintage- I've never gotten anything but I look a lot :)
    -made by sam
    -Nature Mandalas (faves are the bird shots & landscapes)

    Those are my picks for today. :)

  4. Hi Allegra!

    So funny, I just posted my Etsy faves today before I read your post! It must be an Etsy kind of week. :) You can check out some of my faves here:

  5. I just recently bought 2 pendants from Cathy Walters Etsy Shop and they are lovely!
    I also bought an awesome pillow cover from Sa Sea Boutique!

  6. So, I just connected with a girl from Florida on Twitter who owns an Etsy shop named Vero Vintage. I don't know that she makes any of the stuff. I think she finds it, fixes it up and resells it. Her purses are fabulous!

    My favorite fashion blogger, Emily, of Cupcakes and Cashmere started an Etsy shop. So far she hasn't put anything up on the site, but I'm excited to see what she'll be doing with it in the future.

    And of course I love Lillian Ray. I am currently drooling over her gold hammered chain necklace.

  7. That silk clutch purse might be the prettiest thing ever!! Where can we find $210 so we can each get one??