Monday, February 15, 2010

Boys Behaving Badly

I'm going to replay a dialogue from a recent excursion and you have to guess where this actually took place.
"Do you dye your kids hair?" the young man asks us.
Hus and I look awkwardly at each other
"Nope, it's real," I say as I fluff his golden mane.

"Oh.....So this girl is taking forever to text me back,"
the young man goes on to tell his co-worker completely ignoring that we're still there.
"I think she's just messing with me because I take a long time to text her back. Here, let me read her last one...'Happy Valentines Day, Sweetie' Yah, we're going to watch Beauty & the Beast later. I'm the Beauty, she's the Beast."
I lip "He's the guy that helped me last time, the 4:20 guy!" to my Hus. The Hus and I stare at each other in shock this is happening.
Hus asks me, "So, what next?"
"We wait," I tell him.
"It'd be nice if someone told ME that," he says with his eyes.
Apparently the Beauty & The Beast boy left his professionalism and tact at home. He rejoins the conversation, "So what do you do for a living?"
"Photography," my husband responds.

"What!? So you make a lot of money!" the boy raised by wolves says.

"I mean, that's like someone saying they're a Mountaineer! I mean, really? Photography! You're loaded!"
(Apparently not as loaded as YOU I think in my head)

My husband who NEVER gets irked by anyone looks like he's going to lose his cool but maintains rather patiently but curtly,
"No, we're not loaded. It takes about 5 years to make money in this business."

Any guesses as to where this incredibly unbelievable conversation happened?
The Emergency Room.
Yes, that's right...this conversation happened at the ER.
You know, while we're trying to get our son seen for just smashing his tooth through this lower lip when he tripped?
We were put through this distasteful banter while we were cleaning blood off of our clothing and soothing our little man.
Mm Hm. Yes. It's true.

I should tell you that this is my 2nd encounter with this ER desk clerk.
This behavior wasn't a fluke.
I got to enjoy his presence when I had to check in for blood work on Christmas Day.
It was during this visit that he loudly and abruptly blurted out
"IT'S 4:20!! Oh, it means something in my house."

While this it's all very sitcom funny, I can't believe this guy actually works in position where he encounters people who are in the middle of high-stress situations!

Perhaps laughable while ordering coffee not so ha-ha funny when trying to get through a traumatic life moment...


  1. i just threw up in my mouth.

    that is so gross.

    and i'd give anything to see your cool as ice hubby get irked.


  2. hilarious.
    can you imagine if he was the actual doc?

  3. Oh my word! (And your poor little guy!) Some people need to get a grip...
    Thanks for your sweet words of encouragement, girl. :)

  4. what a goofball.....i thought it would be while you were renting a movie or something like that! the emergency room, he needs to find a new line of work! hope your little one is ok now. and i hope you are well :) susan

  5. Haha, hysterical! I don't think I would have kept my cool.

  6. Oh and then actual hardworking professional people are getting the ax everyday. Makes you just shake your head.

    Mean momma bear would have come out! You wouldn't want to see that.