Monday, March 1, 2010

a prayer...

About four years ago our old church released a worship CD with songs my friends (the worship team) had written. I found that CD the other day and it's been playing in my car on my drives.

Today, one of the songs written by my friend Katy came on and it had a whole new meaning.
It felt like the Holy Spirit had reached in my heart and pulled out exactly what I was trying to pray but couldn't put into words.The song put me in line with Him, and with the song on repeat, I let it be my prayer.
I let it be what I couldn't find the words to say, I let it be my plea and my reminder that He is always with me.

These lyrics are a reminder that when I am desperate to come to Him and hear Him, he will find a way into my heart, renew me with love, and restore my strength regardless of how closed to understanding my heart can feel.

You are the friend that I need and the Father who holds me.
You love me just as I am and the way You'll make me to be.
And when I, I fall apart still it's You who holds my heart.

Here I am before you now and
I cry out for more of You
I am broken and you are Healer
and I cry out for more of You.

You are the rock that I stand on and all I'll ever need
I'm lost you call out my name and come and rescue me.
And when I fall apart sill its You who holds my heart.

And it's Your love that brings me new life
And it's Your love that I see in your eyes
And Your love is how I survive.

Here I am before you now
And I cry out for more of you.
I am so broken but you are Healer and I cry out for more of You.


  1. amen.

    and i'm doing research like mad about all the crafting I want to do in 2 weeks.....holy jeez. there's a lot of crafts...... ;)


  2. Beautiful words that I needed to hear. Thank you.

  3. beautiful song! I love your heart.

  4. That's my favorite song by Katy! When I played it at my church down here I got such a great response to the song. It was totally new to them and they loved it.

  5. I don't think I could adore our heart anymore!!! Thank you again for your beautiful prayer for my little boy.