Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hello Spring!

This week we had a back yard, on the grass, whip out a blanket picnic for dinner.
{We even busted out the quality wine ;}
With as beautiful as the evenings have been, I couldn't pass up the opportunity!
And while it looks relaxing and calm....
What you don't see here is:
Our cat who ended up eating the Midge's quesadilla
The wine that spilled all over the blanket
The pasta that didn't cook all the way through and ended up quite cold.
Vegetables on our plate ("because we at them all" is not the reason)

But at the heart of it was great intention.
The intention to pour love on my boys.
The intention to break routine.
Sure, wine glasses & place mats & cloth napkins were a little excessive
and yes, a little more work
but I think that part was for me
{Yes, it was.}
And at the end of it, we got to say
and my heart was full just imagining all the playing we'd be doing this year
in our very own back yard.


  1. Gorgeous picnic and what a joy to spend it with those you love. I am so glad you are real and even shared the not so "perfect" elements of your fabulous day. I wish more people were as open and honest.
    Many Blessings,

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  3. Breaking routine, such a good thing! Love that it wasn't perfect. The kids probably didn't even notice. Thats what is so perfect!

  4. The best kind of picnic - next time the cat needs its own place setting!

    Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed getting and using the notecards I ordered from you!


  5. Your cat ate your picnic that cracked me up, I know not funny at the time, but realy the cat?? lol! I love this idea and being that it is so warm, I am doing a picnic this weekend with my new thrift store blanket and perhaps paper napkins and subway! :)

  6. I have a dog that seems to eat most of my kid's food! grrrr! Actually, I have a dog that eats her cage, carpet, and flip flops as well!
    Still, the idea of a picnic makes me happy! very happy! esp with wine! I need to get planning for one in our backyard! (with the dogs in their cages!)

  7. how fun!!
    did you really create all that?
    i'm ever so impressed!!
    you are such a great mama

  8. sounds like fun.....things go all wrong sometimes but you have to laugh at the little things! hope you are well, take care. susan

  9. Fun! You know sometimes all that matters is the intention. I'm sure your boys felt loved and you guys had a good time. That's what really matters. But it sounds like you know that. :)

  10. Sounds lovely! A break from the "norm" is always refreshing whether it's "perfect" or not! Take care.

  11. good moments...thanks for sharing the beauty of it and the reality of it.

  12. now that's my sort of picnic!
    it's the memories...right;-)

  13. Love changing it up!!! It's so funny how we tend to get into such a normal pattern and don't realize how fun a different evening can be even if the meal is not perfect it the action of doing it that feels so good!!
    Happy Spring to you my friend may it be very thing you want and more :)