Sunday, March 21, 2010

104 & Icky

Last night was one of those long parenting nights.
Again, the Midge was sick.I'm actually embarrassed to even say this because I feel like it's ALL I say.
I feel like someone is going to accuse me of Munchausen syndrome but I swear. It's not the case!
On Friday night, the little one came down with a fever.
I was sad, shocked, frustrated.
{HOW does he have a fever? He's on his last few days of Amoxicillin!}
But there we were, with our boy in our bed fighting a fever.
By Saturday, we couldn't get it below 100.
As he was once again in our bed at 104 degrees this time
I just stared at him.My husband laid hands on our baby and prayed and then he said the EXACT thing I was thinking as I looked helplessly at his bare and diapered body,
"We have a lifetime ahead of us with nights like this."
And I ached.
We do.
I quietly looked at him and spoke,
"In all of our preparing, we never prepared for nights like this."And it's true.
As parents we have prepared for a future of schooling.
We have prepared for growth spurts by purchasing clothes.
We have prepared for his financial freedom by building a savings account for him.
We prepare for his greatness...
and we just tackle the moments of folly.
In my head I feel ridiculous.
The ER again?
Yes. Because an ice bath wasn't cooling him.
A $32 phone call to speak with a nurse through our after hours pediatrician line and we had no direction as to WHAT.TO.DO.NEXT.
Tylenol wasn't reducing anything.
And then he started vomiting.
Then I was done.
5:24 am and I couldn't do it anymore.Here's something I willingly admit-
when it comes to my son and moments of panic I do NOT stay calm or rational.
My husband ends up having to sternly talk me into submission--
snap me out of crying or frantic verbal urgency.
How do I reign this in?
How do I STOP freaking out or reacting?

This has been a long weekend.
And tonight I get to call in to find out if I've been called in for Jury Duty.
I'm wiped out but hanging in just fine.
Wouldn't mind a subtle five second "WHY MEEEE" dramatic cry on the front lawn
but I'm totally fine.
Just kinda worn out and not sure how I'd ever do this with more than one midglet.

{All Images by Sadie Olive}


  1. Aww, Allegra, I'm so sorry your little guy is sick again. Sounds like a doozie with 104 fever. I will be praying for him to get well and for you to get some much needed rest. Hang in there sweetie.

  2. Oh how I know these nights, struggling with fear over their health... knowing i have my husband right there by my side is my calming factor and I'm so glad you have your husband by your side too. Will say an extra prayer for you son and his health,
    sending you big hugs,

  3. oh, poor dear.
    I remember when our 2nd born got sick for the first time - he was so tiny only 6 weeks old with fever, and stuffy nose causing him to struggle to top it off, our first born was also sick (fever and vomiting) it was a looong night because of course first born wants mama, but 2nd born NEEDS mama (nursing)...that was a looong night for everyone...whew!

    Thank goodness for those kind and loving daddies - don't know what we'd do without them!!

  4. ohhhh how I love your blog....and your heart...and your real"ness."

    praying for your sweet baby tonight...praying for you as you recoop. this week...while doing jury duty. UGHHHHHH.

  5. Oh man. I swear I have felt like this too. Why is my kid constantly sick. Abby has been the consistent sickie in this house. It's exhausted, heart breaking and above all scary. I too am the freaking out worried that she has everything from the common cold to ebola. My husband is the constant calmer downer. I'm with ya sister. Keep calm and carry on lady.

  6. jury duty...oh if that isn't the kicker, right?
    we had a very very simliar night friday with my little one ( it was her birthday for crying out loud)
    she runs very high fevers & i started to get worried because she was actign very strange

    i hope your little one is all better very quickly

    glad your hubby is a calmer downer...i'm not the winnner of the calmer downer award myself

  7. so sorry....hopefully spring will shove these yucky sicknesses out the door!

    hope you don't have to serve jury duty for long...

  8. I have asked to be released from Jury duty due to sick kids and they let me off the hook! worth a try!

    I hated those days... my little girl used to get fevers around 105-106... for nothing! teething? So hard to have sick babies... tears a mommy's heart in two! I will pray for your little man right now!


  9. I am so sorry that Midge is sick again! I understand how you feel with wanting to scream on the front lawn! It is so hard when they are sick and nothing you do seems to work. I will be praying for you guys!

  10. Oh no!!! Again!!!??? Poor little snuggle bug! Cover him in hugs and kisses for me. I'll be praying he gets better. Love you guys!

  11. Oh girl! That would be exactly what I'd be saying too! (WHYYY MEE??)

    I hope your little one feels better very soon and that you DO NOT have jury duty. Hang in there!

  12. Oh honey, I am so sorry, here are some words of encourgement, I guy was sick all of them time to between 1-2, then walla the end of the 2nd year he started not getting sick as much, and they say the earlier they get the better immune system and the less he will get sick during his schooling years, so in a way it is blessing..I know that sounds awful, but let him build that immune system so when the next comes around you can do it all over again, but He will be sleeping soundly in the room next to you as you snuggle the next one with 104 temperature...take a deep breath and know that what you are doing for him now is amazing, our job is to keep them safe and going to the ER with a 104 temperature is what you do to keep him safe! xoxox, Tara