Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today was one of those days.
The kind that just FEELS all consuming and overwhelming.
Today though, I put on my gloves and punched my heavy heart right in the face.
I cured it with a little special something.I picked up my Midge from school and decided TODAY we would go on a date.
I would deem today our first official date.
The kind where we get an ice cream sundae
(or a frozen yogurt)
and share it with two spoons.
That kind of date.
And it was perfect.
I mean, PERFECT.
He said "mmmm"
I smiled
We got messy
I recentered-refocused-recharged.
It was worth the $4.45...SO worth it!
As we got in the car and drove away I took a moment to just tell him
"Mommy is going to be different! Mommy is going to think about what really matters MORE!
Mommy is going to start caring about what makes you and Daddy and me happy and stop worrying so much about everyone else. I promise buddy. I'm gonna try!"
And somehow, speaking those words out loud to my little boy
hearing me confess this struggle
{and eating ice cream}
seemed to make it better for today.
Come what may but chocolate & some love saved my heart today.


  1. Awesome! Sometimes it really helps to tell yourself the way it is going to be! Glad your day got better, it sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon! :)

  2. had a very similar day...thank GOD that our children are so forgiving.

  3. Sounds like THE PERFECT DATE....!! :) xxoo

  4. Just what the doctor ordered.....a mommy-son date, ice cream and a proclamation!! Love you! xoxo

  5. found you last night..not even sure I can remember how and then I also saw you over at Blondie n SC's today....

    can't wait to see more of you blog home.
    :) T

  6. In the last two weeks, I have said the same exact thing to myself, seriously. Things have been put into perspective for me in ways I never thought they would, messy ways and it feels good to focus on what really matters...family. I love your treasures, the LOVE look perfect and that typewriter...how fun would it be to actually write on one of those again!! :)

  7. Chocolate and some love would certainly make me feel better!! :)

    Sorry it has taken me so long to let you know how very much I LOVE the items I purchased from you!!! They're all sooooooooo wonderful and I can't wait to use the cute wine bags...I should design a whole post around them they're so fabulous!!! All the best to you Allegra!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  8. Sounds great! I try and make "date" time with my son at least once a month and it always cheers me up if I'm down. Now if only the hubby and I could find time for a little "date" night every now and again! We are working on this one! Have a great day.

  9. I love your heart. Chocolate always makes things better too:)