Monday, March 15, 2010

Craftastic Frousins

This past weekend I was able to be with my frousin (my cousin who is also my friend).
You probably know her. She's sorta fabulous!
After she redid her craft room I begged, pleaded, sobbed until she gave in and let me come soak up space in her beautiful Pasadena home!

We ate. We sipped wine. We shopped. We partied (2 year old style). We crafted our guts out!
I mean we're talking up til' midnight, grab the munchies, stay in the jammies, cut, glue whatever is around you crafting.
I felt like a little girl on Christmas Eve sleeping amidst ribbons and a sewing machine and buckets and bins of inspiration!

Our craftastic weekend ended with one of my favorite parts- the Rose Bowl Flea Market.
A couple skinny vanilla latte's and 1 special friend later, we were off together like three little besties in a suburban aching to be filled with sought out treasures!
So, yah, I finally got to hug Tara in REAL life!

While we send each other email hugs throughout the months, a real one is SO much better.
You know what's amazing about my bloggy friends?!
The fact that "meeting" them isn't weird.
There's the anxiety of, "Wait. What if I'm a nerd in real life and they only like me in my blog?!"
(it's possible)
it ends up like sitting with someone who knows your heart -- cuz they do!
Tara knows my heart and I feel like I know hers.
So I didn't meet Tara for the first time this weekend, I simply hugged her for the first time!
Let me tell you, she's the sweetest.
If only I could have stayed longer with my frousin and frog (hm, no real combo for a blog friend....)
These girls would be THE.BEST to slumber party with!
Perhaps in June....

Thank you Tracy for being the amazing hostess you ALWAYS are!


  1. Sounds like so much fun! Some day I hope our paths cross.....


  2. frousin and frog? too funny. I'm still giggling...

  3. Oh how fun! That is so cool that you met Tara! I adore her and of course Tracy too. I'm just a wee bit jealous.:) Have a great day Allegra!

  4. Oh Allegra, you put the words in my exactly perfect!! It wasn't akward at all, we knew each other and it was so good to hug are just as precious as I knew you would be!! Thank you for driving so far to be with us...and yes slumber party in JUNE!! yipeee!

  5. oooooooo...sounds like heaven! Glad you had a great weekend :o)

  6. how sweet! i saw the post on tracy's sounds like such a perfect weekend! hope all is well with you! thanks for the visit :) susan

  7. Oh my so jealous you all got together!! SOunded absolutely fantastic!!!!!