Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue...

...Roseola is not fun but I'm rooting for Red & Blue

Let me explain....

The midge is just finally recovering from Roseola.
After 4 days of a high temperature, it broke and then came the rash.
I'm just relieved to have an answer and to know it's almost over!
In other silly news...
my College basketball team is heading on to the Sweet 16.
Go, Saint Mary's!!
So while my fellow alumni will gather at ATT Park in San Francisco on Friday to root for our team with a fabulously funny event called
I'll be cheering from my driveway as I organize a garage sale and await my Twitter Updates!
{I have never been as obsessed with March Madness as I am this year...just ask my friend, Shannon...}


  1. So glad to hear he's on the road to recovery. We love March Madness in our home too... our team lost Sunday
    hope your team makes it!!!

  2. so glad you have an answer, I hope he gets back to being himself soon! and Go St. Mary's!!

  3. I am proud of your enthusiasm and hope it keeps up when my Lions eat your Gaels next year. You know I had a hard time not putting a "Y" in there. Keeping it clean for the public comment.

  4. hope your little one is better soon :) nothing like rooting for your team!! go st. mary's! susan