Monday, October 19, 2009

Pack it Up & PLAY!

I am working on a project....
converting the nursery into a toddler room!
I really thought it would be somewhat emotional for me but it's actually all.

For those of you who have followed me for awhile,
it's not secret that adjusting to being a mom has been really tough for me.
In fact, at the pediatrician's last week, the Dr said,
"I'm about to ask you something personal. Most people who have an 18 month old start seriously considering a second baby. Are you thinking about it yet?"
Not one to blow sunshine up anyone's skirt about the mommy role and what it's done to me I said,
"I just started liking my kid. I'm not thinking about a second yet."

The Dr. laughed at me and just said, "I love how honest you are. I guess we'll talk when Midge is 2."
The truth is, I can make a lot of things look pretty.
I can get on a stage in most settings and turn it on as required.
I could not do that when it came to being a mom.
Becoming a mom rocked my world.

Don't get me wrong, I have always LOVED my son
but the truth is-
I would have given anything to get in the car and drive away at certain moments.
So while I have always LOVED him, I truly LIKE him now.
I MISS him when I'm at work. I want to WATCH him when he sleeps. I want to BE with him because he makes me happy.
I don't really know what changed but it's like I can't get enough of him.
I use to F I G H T this need to be ME amongst all the other roles I have: wife, mom, sister, friend, daughter...
but now I can SEE my windows of opportunity to do what makes ME happy and & simultaneously get genuine JOY from being my son's mother.
SO--I have been packing up the nursery.
The bed has been converted to a toddler bed.
The hus and I are in full "Lets make a little boy's room" mode
Since we moved into our house the day we brought the Midge home from the hospital, we didn't get to build a nursery.
No looking back and feeling sad about it. Time to be in the now and make a room that HE can love to be in.

So happy!

Oh, hey--anyone know where I can find some good toddler bedding?
I really. don't. like cartoon characters and standard cars/trucks/sports stuff.
I like brown, green, patterns that aren't so A BOY IS THIS.
I just want some good, solid bedding that leaves room for my son to figure out what he loves and not me making that choice for him!
Let me know!!


  1. I think the dr. was really asking you because he thinks your H.O.T!!

  2. I soooooo love your honesty! Think of all the women out there reading your blog that feel the same way and don't have to feel they are alone in this anymore!

  3. the pottery barn may be cliche but it always has cute stuff for boys...sometimes that is hard to find...

  4. What a beautiful post....!!

  5. I hear ya! I used to feel kind of badly because I didn't really enjoy the newborn stage. For me it got better around 4-6 months of age, and I'm enjoying it now. But the first two months I was positively certain my son would be an only child. The fun is just beginning! I've been reminding myself of all the reasons I don't want to be pregnant again, though, because I have baby fever in a really unfair kind of way.

    Potterybarn does have such cute boy stuff. I'm not big into "themed" rooms, but would rather go with fun colors and shapes or something of the like. I decorated the nursery with a lot of stuff I can reuse (rustic tin stars, etc...)We'll see what happens when Mr. Q gets old enough for the John Deere tractor bed his Daddy's been eyeballin'.

  6. If I ever have another kid and have to decorate their room - I would go to Serena and Lily for inspiration. They have the best fabric patterns, and are truly unique. PRICEY - but if it is something you think you're going to live with for years to come, then popping a pretty duvet cover over an older quilt or comforter could be just what you're looking for.....

    LOVE you, Legs - and LOVE your kid!


  7. Spacing kids apart is soooo good, all mine were unplanned {long story but I had issues conceiving} but now that i have them they are spaced 4yrs 3 yrs and 2 yrs apart... and now I can't imagine it any other way! no rush!
    I agree with Tracy about Serena and Lily I also love PB Kids beddng for boys my son has his that will take him to teen years i hope or i get sick of it!
    Love your pictures!!

  8. I'm so happy to hear you loving your mama role! and yes. It's true. You CAN make anything beautiful!

  9. Have fun! My boys have never really had a "boy" room. I am still in the process of making the room they're in theirs, and not half storage...

  10. I understand how you feel. I struggled with motherhood at certain ages too. For me it was from 3-4! I love your honesty. You make me smile:)

  11. Oh Gasp... you just started liking him??? You and I could seriously be soul sisters. I feel much the same, and mine's eight.


  12. Ugh! Hopefully, my computer won't shut down this time in the middle of my comment....anyway,
    just wanted to say have fun changing the room up and I have been able to find really cute stuff at Target.

  13. It is hard when you have your first child to figure out where you end and they all gets so jumbled together and we still want to be able to have some thoughts to ourselves...and a moment alone is priceless! But they are worth it, every chubby little ounce of them :) My youngest is 27m mos now and she is NOT moving out of the crib for as long as I can help it...I need my sleep!

    :) T

  14. We should make bedding. If you don't find anything you like you could buy some cool fabric and borrow a sewing machine. I'd help you! xoxox

  15. I was exactly the same as you. EXACTLY. It took me until my son was about 12-18 months until I really connected with him. The good news is, with my second it has been completely opposite. I love each and every bit of the process. I'm so happy that it's so different this time around. So there's lots of hope for another one someday when you want one ;)

    OH and you do create beautiful things! I can't wait to see the new big boy bedroom. :) :)

  16. oh girl, I am right there with you, I just pulled my kids bedding and sold it! I didn't feel bad at all...I cherish every moment and am grateful that I am here every day to see my kid grow and prosper...I wouldn't take back one moment, but hell no am I ready for another one! I like the one I got! :)

  17. being a mom is the hardest thing in the world....cliche i know....did i spell cliche right??? i'm a dork.....
    just stumbled onto your blog. i'll bookmark it immediately and check out older posts. can't wait for the reads. you will inspire me, i am sure.
    i'm with you on the motherhood thang....really...really...i was 35 before i had my first. took that long to get the courage. i still run down a hallway like the lion everyday. it's's grueling....ack.
    good luck with the toddler room!!!!