Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baby Love

My friend came over on Friday for a little maternity shoot...I'm so happy she did.
The song, Capri by Colbie Caillat will always remind me of being pregnant with my son.
Her entire first album reminds me of his birth and singing him to sleep.
I will always cherish this song and the memories of carrying his life within me...even if it was 99.9% difficult for me, I have this one very fond memory.
Enjoy listening :)


  1. Aww. So beautiful! I LOVED every second of being pregnant (well... ALMOST every second) and wish so badly you had the same experience! This song actually makes me want to cry and go for a 3rd....SOOO....I BETTER GET OFF YOUR PAGE! :)

  2. What beautiful pictures! I love this song too! That entire album is amazing and I listened to it so much when I was pregnant with Amelia. She loves to listen to it now, sweet lullabies. Your friend is beautiful! Have a great day!

  3. Girl you can rock a camera, are you kidding me!! I love these....beautiful, if i could take pictures of pregnant ladies all day I totally would! xo

  4. I love Colbie...she's my fave! And if I would have had a girl this past time around their middle name would have been Capri. :) Anywho, fabulous pictures!!! I love pregnant belly pics.

  5. Those are such special times!
    sandy toe

  6. gorgeous..just gorgeous and i heart that song.
    Oh....btw..if you need a good blog about birthing and breastfeeding that you want to share with your friend..i came across one you JUST MIGHT LOVE!!

  7. love those little preggo shots! just beautiful.
    i wish i had some done like that, especially when i was pregnant with #2...i wasn't such a fattie as with the others!
    love lvoe love your images from the anniversary shoot...you are blessed!

  8. How precious. I didn't look anywhere near that gorgeous... I was such a non-glowing preggo girl.

  9. these are so sweet, that is something i never did with any of my three children. only a few hints of a belly in a picture or two. makes me sad, i don't think i'll have that belly again.

  10. You have amazing photography skills I would have loved for you to photograph my tummy! And have I told you how much i love the album!!!soooo goood,

  11. Such gorgeous shots!! Your friend looks so beautiful.


  12. Hi Allegra :)

    What gorgeous pictures! You captured all her joy :)


  13. I have such beautiful friends :)This song reminds me of your pregnancy as well. When we thought he was going to be a girl...

  14. Great pictures! I love Colbie. She reminds me of summer. I wish we would have taken more pics when I was pregs... That's probably the one thing I'd do over if I could. :)