Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Did they just call him FAT?!

The living room is humming with the sound of Cars again
and the voices of three women oogling over one little toddler.
As my two guests get up to say goodbye they pick up my wee one and give him hugs.
I glide over to the hallway table to grab the remote to turn the AC off.
It was then I heard it...
a quiet little comment from one woman to another
"He's solid, isn't he?"

Um, did they just call my kid fat?

I wanted to bust out with my pediatrician proven statistics:
"Excuse me, he's 75th percentile for height and he's 51st percentile for weight. That is NOT fat. That is tall and lean."
Echoes from the earlier conversation were starting to jump start my nerves,
"Oh, my doctor said my son is falling off the charts with his weight. He is just so active."

Women, I am going to throw Mr. Potato head at you!Yah, Midge has a little belly but it's freaking cute!

No, my kid isn't as active because I don't let him run around public restaurants screaming
(oooh, maybe I do sometimes when there aren't really people in there--shhh!)
My kid is smarter and funnier and cuter and....

"Woahhh, freako!" I internally scolded my inner protective lioness.

I smiled. I hugged.
"Come on, Chunker," I said to my baby, "Lets go eat some cookies!"
And he signed "cookie" to me and off we went into the sunset.


  1. Those cookies look excellent, and sometimes you've just gotta love people anyway. Despite their comments, and whether or not you like them. Man, that's hard! :)

  2. Well, now I want one of those cookies! :)

  3. awww...i love baby signs! so sweet.

  4. Cookie...why did you have to say cookie? I can't even remember the rest of your post now;) Oh yeah, they called him solid. Well if that's what we call it now that's a relief. I'd rather be solid as a rock than soft as a marshmallow. I bet he's adorable. I like "solid" babies:)

  5. Can I have a cookie too - they look awesome! As a parent you always want to jump in and protect your kids - or you can just consider the source of the comment and go have a cookie...just like you did! Good mom! XXOO

  6. Ahhh...such a good and protective Mommy you are! Your cookies look divine and I'm glad the two of you could enjoy them...can I have one?!

  7. When my boys were little, they were also solid and it served them well! Enjoy your little guy and those cookies -- yum!!


  8. You do baby signs?! I think its so interesting.

    Can we please talk about the icing on your cookies? What is it?

  9. I am SO OVER people's obsession with weight. It is something so important to me, that my daughter never obsesses - but is trained in the right thing to eat. Want a shake with that cheeseburger? Then you'll have to do a little extra bike riding or running outside to balance it out. Life is too short to obsess, worry, fret, critique ourselves and others about their weight. ESPECIALLY IN BABIES NOT EVEN TWO YEARS OLD. there. i said it.

    aaaaaand, stepping off soapbox.

  10. oh my goodness allegra, I get this all of the punk is THICK, but i have never had to worry about him, or make him eat his veggies or fruits, he just did from day one...and I get it all the time, wow your kid is huge, is he like 4 already...hmm, I think to myself, are you an idiot, you are talking to his MOM ya know! .... can you send me some cookies, those look do your cute little pink bowls!

  11. Okay I have to agree with Tracy, it does seem like people's obsession with weight starts awfully young. And I'm saying that from experiences with peoples comments on my own kiddies. (who are perfectly healthy) :)

    I'm with Becky solid as a rock is better than soft as a marshmallow. When you get older anyway. I think either is cute in a little one. :)


    Oh yes and your cookies look delish!

  12. Oh funny.... I think solid is WAY better... I loved the little rolls that you had to separate during bath time to make sure there wasn't any stale milk in... (that sounds really nasty when you actually type it out, but you know what I mean)

  13. Hysterical! I firmly believe all of that chubby wub, as we call it, makes them much cuter!!! Eat away...

    :) T

  14. LOVE this post. I don't have kids yet but can guarantee I'm gonna be a protective mamma like you. Go ahead, feed him all the cookies he wants!
    You can pray the same prayer for you and me...that we will choose to let go of past hurts...We are moving on.

  15. those are some of the cutest baking photos I've ever seen. And I don't think solid is a bad thing. But you are quite funny with your "come on chunker!" hee hee

  16. Too bad little midge is seriously one of the cutest kids on the planet! He is nothing close to solid or chunky! He is perfect...

  17. well...
    my kids have the oposite problems...they look like they are neglected...and come from a family that does NOT feed them.
    Mason's ribs stick out he's so freakin skinny...
    I love your midge.....

  18. Hee hee! Your midge is perfect, just the way he is! Anyway, babies are supposed to have a little meat on them right? That is why they call it baby fat after all! So give that baby another cookie and don't worry about it too much mama bear!

  19. Ok sister my little girl has been commented on top to bottom. Drives me nuts. She was not even on the charts until two. She was a HUGE baby. What can I say, Korean babies are chunky. I loved to nibble every roll on her cute little body. I guess because I'm so petite everyone expected the same? People still comment because she is
    only 5 but she looks 7. Her Doc says she is going to be between 5'10 and 6'0 as an adult. Whooaaaa. What! So I guess I have to have a lifetime of annoying ladies commenting on my beautiful girls size. I either ignore or I make a comment about how smart and talented she is and that she is going to be a musical genuis. It's good your a protective Mama. Join the club.

  20. chunker...that is too funny
    you are a riot my friend!

  21. Your son is perfect! and i'll have milk with a cookie please they look soooo good!