Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Baby In A Bag

On Thursday my Husband and I will celebrate our 4th Wedding Anniversary.
I have been scheming as to how to celebrate our journey.
I finally arrived at a family photo shoot.
The great thing about the Hus being a pro photographer is that we have amazing photos of our son. The bad thing is that we have no photos of the three of us.
So, I called one of his good friends and fellow photographer and, because he rocks, he's shooting us for free.

To announce the surprise, I decided to go shopping for coordinating outfits.
So out to the GAP I went.
Of course I only managed to find outfits for the boys but the show must go on.
I decided that I should give the Hus the gift ahead of time
(If he didn't like his outfit, I wanted him to think I was giving him the opportunity to exchange it)
I wrapped the goodies up in their GAP boxes and tossed them into a GAP bag and had the Midge drag it into give to Daddy.

When I looked up, the Hus was frozen with a grilled cheese sandwich caught in mid air inches from his mouth.
"Are you pregnant?!" he asked me.
"Then why are you both giving me a Baby GAP bag?"
*%&$ %#!# !#*#($
"No, I'm not pregnant. Just open it."

Talk about a buzz kill.

The poor Hus was excited despite the appearance that he was going to self defecate and I went and handed him a now sub par substitute gift...
"Nope, I'm not pregnant but aren't you happy with the little boy you have and the pictures we'll have taken?!"


Some Happy Anniversary Gift!

I won't be looking like this for quite some time:
Perhaps I'll share more about our unique anniversary tomorrow :)


  1. Oh my goodness, crack me up. At least he is observant! I often feel the same way about family photography. I'm the one who takes the majority of our pictures, and I'm kind of picky about angles and lighting, so I'm usually disappointed in pictures people take of all three of us. Oh well, such is life. :)

  2. Can't wait to see how your photos turn out. Happy Anniversary. We celebrate our 11 year this Saturday.

  3. Hahaha!! I can just see his face in that moment... I can see yours too! HAhaha, yea not the reaction you wanted.

  4. I'm glad you found me! Cause now I found you, I adore your blog too! The wedding looked beautiful. Love those black and white photos! Happy Anniversary :)

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! Too cute!

  6. Happy anniversary!! You were too cute pregnant. I looked like a beached whale:)

  7. that is funny! would be a cute way to tell him? happy anniversary!

  8. You are adorable and that story made me laugh, so something the pool man would say! :)

  9. Too funny! I know your family photos will be beautiful. Happy Anniversary!

  10. Happy day before your anniversary! I think his response is hilarious. Did he like the outfit or exchange it? Hope you have a lovely day together tomorrow.

  11. Not fair at all that you looked that amazing while pregnant. You'd die laughing if you could have seen ME!

    Hope the photos go well, and Happy Anniversary girl!

  12. So funny! Happy Anniversary! We have not had a family photo taken in forever, might have to so that soon! By the way, I purchased the yellow scale off of Ebay for Amelia's room. I love all things yellow (including the yellow sweater in your profile pic)! Have a lovely evening!

  13. I like how you think Allegra...
    free photo shoot = okay to buy new outfit :)

    Happy Anniversary!!!

    Looking forward to seeing the pics (we do get to see them don't we?!)

    :) T