Thursday, January 7, 2010

What would you do if....

your husband said he wanted to buy this?

I suppose some wives would say, "eww, really?!"
(I've totally done it!)
I suppose there is definitely a part of me that is thinking, "ewww, really?!"
there is this other side of me...
This other side that looks at my husband and what he does to provide for our little family,
the dreams he chases in the name of giving me and our son the best of what this world has to offer,
the man who every.single.road trip we go on says, "I miss my Malibu."
(most certainly not a modern Chevy Malibu!! Heavens no!)
He rebuilt a 1965 Chevy Malibu when he was 18.
His family & friends laughed at him when he brought the rust bucket home
(sadly, I probably would have too)
But he is the man that the more you laugh at him, the more you tell him something isn't possible the more determined he is to find a way to make it work.
He's not out to prove you wrong, he's out to prove that there is a way
because that is who he is-
impossible doesn't exist.
"Impossible" made this happen:
So for a few years I've laughed when he's shown me what he would want to rebuild.
Or I've said, "Would you STOP talking about the Malibu?!"
but I get it now
and the man deserves something impossible to prove possibility
he deserves something to call his own
something to show for his work.
And while life may not be about material things
it IS about dreaming
it IS about achieving
it IS about fulfilling who God made you to be
and God made men to take pride in themselves through their work
and God made my man to shatter the belief that some things cannot be done.

What would I do if my husband wanted to buy that thing above?
I'd tell him I love him & I believe in him.


  1. My brother in law had a car just like that when we were, he got it right? :) xxoo

  2. It is perfect ~ loving it too and just look at the possibilities!

  3. Support, Love and be a dreamer with him. It would be a fun car to make out in. ;)

  4. Aww that's awesome really! I'm the same way usually. Anything thing he wants I'm for it, because he works and deserves it in my opinion. He gets up day in and day out to provide for us. So I'd be for it 100%!

  5. What a sweet encouraging! i say go for it...and report back on his progress along with his happiness!

  6. Way to encourage him, he is so talented he totally can do it! Who knows, whit how crafty you are you may like it more then you think once he starts. Just think of all the fun family trips you can take once all is done.
    (He mine has a 56 Chevy Wagon,I totally understand)

  7. such a great wife!!!!!! I love old cars and everything about the idea of fixing one up! I still want to cry when I think about the day my old volkswagon drove off with her new owner! I had such great dreams of my kids wanting to fix her up for their first car. sigh!
    i am soooo excited for him/you!

  8. You are so right. Hope he got it! What a great wife you are. He will have so much fun fixing that one up. Let us know the progress!

  9. Oh, so cool. I use to have a Dodge Dart, it was white with red leather. Boy I miss it! Well, a year ago my husband wanted a corvette. I said are you serious, no way. Well, he got one the next day. He had it for over a year and was the happiest until it kills me to say but we traded it in for a suburban. The corvette was awesome but we have 2 kids and it was a 2 seater. We also live in freezing cold Iowa and you can't drive it in the snow. I told him someday you can get another one, when the kids are older. I hope your hubby got it, it will make him happy and you smile!

    P.s. Love your blog, new follower!


  10. Love this post! I'm the same way with my hubby... i love it when he has a dream of the possibliltiy of something he has always wanted.
    So swwet,

  11. Being married to a man who supports every crazy thing I want to do, I have to say that I really believe a strong marriage is based on encouraging each other's dreams~
    Great post my friend,