Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Recently I have really needed to get away.
I have needed to stretch and breathe and refresh outside of my routine.
I needed the chance to recharge and realign.
My cousin gave me that opportunity.On Friday I made the drive to Pasadena with no plans in mind, no itinerary, and nothing to accomplish. I was craving some down time with Tracy- someone who is not just a friend but family. Someone who gets the smaller pieces of where I come from, my inherent composition. I needed that.

The weekend included every little piece of what I needed to come home whole.
-Girl Talk
-Chips & Dip
-A Girls Night Out: Dinner & a Movie!!
-An afternoon nap
-Alone time
-Shopping, shopping, and a wee bit more shopping
I spent the weekend in a safe place without a mind racing with all that I need to do to be wife and mommy.
My UNBELIEVABLE husband was the one standing at the doorway reminding me of all the things I needed to take, encouraging me to eat before hitting the road, and pushing me to go because he knew I needed it.
I don't think I even know how badly I needed it.

I have come home to two boys that I just adore & yesterday received the great news that my HcG levels are back to normal so no more blood work and in many ways--it is behind me now.

He is SO good.
Thank you Tracy for giving me a place to heal :) Your friendships worth to me is beyond measure.
Hus, I love you. Thank YOU for running the house (or letting it run you ;) so I could recharge.


  1. This post made me soooooo HaPPy for YOU in everyway possible, your amazing husband who knows and loves his wife and for your just as amazing cousin/friend/confidant/girlfriend... that you BOTH had a weekend that is so good for your soul,
    Sending you big hugs about your levels back to normal,

  2. ohyay!!!
    i'm so glad you had a wonderful time
    & your sweet man is such a keeper

    blessings to you girlie

  3. Oh Allegra, this makes me so happy that you have a place to go to make you feel whole again..big hugs! isn't that Tracy just the best?! :)

  4. I'm so craving another weekend...with YOU!

    Love that you and I married so well - encouraging us to be US, and to take time for us. Love that He put YOU in a family with ME!


  5. PS - i left you a little something on my blog today ;)

  6. I am so happy that you got a chance to get away and be with a good friend. That is such great healing. I am still praying for you and your continued healing girl! You are awesome!

  7. This post made my heart sing....you have some pretty amazing people in your life - not surprising though, as you are indeed very fabulous yourself....I'm glad that you were able to get away, have fun and reflect. Have an awesome day! xxoo

  8. You are SOOO lucky to have your cousin close! Reading this just made me so happy for you!!!!! That weekend and those people should remind you always that you are super loved and amazing!!!!

  9. There is nothing like a good friend who knows what you need is there!?

    Glad things are looking up for you too, that is such a blessing.


  10. Sounds so amazing. Tracy is a blessing to many. I'm not gonna lie, a little jealous that she is your family :) I'm so happy your hormone levels are back to normal. I hope you continue to get better and better!

  11. Going to the flea market thing there is a long time dream of mine. So jealous.

    Glad you had some good girl time. That always helps me tremendously when I'm going through hard times.

  12. So happy you got to recharge your soul :)

  13. Now that is real treat!! And one that every momma needs now and then : ) I've enjoyed my visit here and I love your year of Intention!

  14. What did you think of the flea market? Amazing and overwhelming right?

  15. What a perfectly wonderful week-end! I am so glad you went and had fun ~ just what the doctor ordered.