Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It is better to GIVE than to RECEIVE

For the past few days I have been giving myself
a daily goal

Yesterday the goal was "LESS OF ME"
I wanted to challenge myself to put selfishness aside in favor of selflessness.
At the end of the day, I evaluate myself.
I find even the smallest way that I succeeded
and I go on to journal the successes, blessings, and burdens of my day.
It's a part of my {1 day at a time} as I move toward the habit of a new routine.

Today my goal is "RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS"
As I listened to the radio yesterday on my drive home from work the DJ's talked about ways that we can bless others.
Whether I am in a line at Starbucks and buy coffee for the person behind me or treat a stranger to lunch, I am able to bless others that I don't even know.
I felt renewed by this sense of "other"
I wanted to go buy coffee just so I could treat someone I didn't know.
I wanted to stop and say "Hi" to the homeless man instead of pretending he wasn't there.
I felt charged.

So today started with a prayer as I unlocked the office and turned the lights on.
I walked the halls and said aloud,
"God, I invite you here today. Use me as your hands, your eyes, and your heart. Show me how to love others the way you love them. Give me an opportunity to bless someone even if I don't know I'm doing it. Lord, be present here and let your love shine."

Today I am available for God to use me.
{1 day at a time}


  1. I love it! What an inspiration you are thank you!

  2. What an awesome goal! I am in amor with random acts of kindness. Nothing feels better. Thanks for the reminder to do it more!

  3. Loving this Allegra! You are once again inspiring me!

  4. I love it...My new focus is to speak only positive. We'll see how it goes :)

  5. This is beautiful and inspiring. My goal for the year also, is to do kind things each and everyday - even so much as a smile can change someone's life. I have always smiled at everyone that I see, as it gives me an extra skip in my step and brightens the other persons day. Good for you Allegra - I admire your strength and conviction.

  6. I love this idea. No doubt you will make a huge difference in somebody's life.

  7. I love your prayer. I pray that I can do the same.

  8. If we all lived with that as a daily goal...wouldn't the world be such a wonderful place!!!

  9. Big hugs for your huge heart. The world would be awesome if we all did this daily.

  10. Legs - you are amazing.

    I really REALLY hope to see you this weekend!