Saturday, January 2, 2010

{1} day of intention at a time

I realize that the New Year brings great hope and anticipation for all the things we can do, be, and change.
For me this year, I am overwhelmed by all I want to do, fix, and become.
I am forcing myself to step back and not see this as a 365 day commitment
but a stretching before a marathon... a series of {one day at a time} before it becomes a lifestyle.

Sure, it will have failure--
days where I can't believe the wife I've been
or the mother I chose to closet in favor of selfishness
or the friend I decided to avoid being so I could mentally run away
or the daughter I was too tired to attempt being
or the sister I gave up trying to be


the goals are
1. I'll REALLY build that relationship I was once so rooted in
2. I will be intentionally prayerful for my husband & my son-- in that order because my husband should always be second to my child(ren)
3. I will record the Blessings & the Burdens that take place in life so I will always have a reminder of how far He takes me if I really let him.

One day at a time, I will LIVE intentionally
2010: My Year of INTENION


  1. I love this way of thinking. I have let myself down so many times, so I too will follow your lead and take it one day at a time and not give up!

  2. Intention is a great goal for the new year. I'll climb aboard with you.

  3. You have such a beautiful way with words....and your intention is a wonderful minute, one day at a time...xxoo

  4. That sounds like a perfect day at a time is just the way to make it happen!!!

    May the new year bring great things and many blessings for you and your sweet family!

    :) T