Sunday, January 17, 2010

Relatively Wordless

I like to say it as it is here without apology
so here it is:
I was a tag along this weekend.
and it was FUN.

3 Girl friends meeting in one central location that I so happen to- infrequently- refer to as home.

Being that one of them is my soul sister and I work with the collective, I got to pretend I was one of them-- and I might add, I never felt I wasn't.

So while I sit and listen to the rain fall, the baby screams wishing he could command me to rescue him from his overpriced prison, and the husband is out with other photographer friends shooting in the rain, I am unwinding.

My weekend in photos....

While I would love to end this photo with the raddest thing that happened to me this weekend,
I fear you would dry heave as I did--
My soul sista and I witnessed the actual birth of a baby elephant seal.
And yes- I have ACTUAL photos.
While my soul sista cried (she's pregnant- I'm pretty sure it was joy vs. horror) and I momentarily grabbed her arm and gagged, I did shout out a victory cry for the elephant seal mama,

What's the craziest thing that you witnessed this weekend?


  1. well i am sure that i didn't witness anything near as crazy as that but i did get my meet my new nephew this weekend! he was born saturday morning around 9:19am. that was all the excitement i could take this weekend. :) hope you are doing well girl...been praying for you. C

  2. A) I love your post.
    B) Also have seen the whole elephant seal birthing thing. Interesting life experience.
    C) LOVE JJ Hellar. I recognized her voice the moment I opened your page.

  3. that is IN.SANE.!!! What an amazing weekend.

    I guess baby elephant seal birthing trumps sangria & an artsy musical. I'm so glad that you've had 2 weekends of FUN.

    YOU DESERVE IT!! xoxo

    PS - am off to check out JJ Hellar on iTunes. Love the sound of her voice!

  4. Holy Cow - I'm pretty sure that's a once (or never!) in a lifetime experience! And so glad you had some girl fun. It's vital!

  5. wow!!!! that's so cool! I am NOT into blood or any type of surgery show....but I am glued to the tv when it comes to birth videos! sick, I am sure!
    I was just telling chad this weekend that with as many cows as we pass on the roads, I have NEVER seen a cow giving birth! I better keep my camera with me just in case. :)

  6. Lovely pictures. Yeah, I think I might have become a bit queasy at the sight of and elephant seal's birth but what an incredible thing to witness none the less.

  7. Oh I love the seals and seeing one born ~ how cool was that ~ oh gagged. Sorry :o( I saw puppies born but that's it.

  8. Sounds like a great weekend. I just wanted to thank you for sending me that book. It just arrived and I'm excited to read it. You are so sweet, thank you!!!!!

  9. Oh my goodness, i would have gagged too! and shouted for joy... then needed a glass of wine :)
    beautiful photos :)