Monday, January 25, 2010


Pure, unadulterated Joy.

I don't think I have known what that is for awhile.
What I did was fight.
I fought to be an independent woman.
I fought to be perfect.
I fought to resist the change that being a mother is to everything "normal".
I fought...
tirelessly and relentlessly.

I just feel JOY.
I feel freedom from perfection.
I feel released to live.

Instead of tallying the ways I rock in my head (I did the dishes ten times, I made the bed 6 times, I cleaned the bathroom 9 times...) I serve my home freely.
Instead of refusing to claim my address as anything more than a temporary stop on the way to the next best thing, I'm now taking down the sheets I used as curtains and replacing them with real ones, I'm testing paint colors, and I am living gratefully.
I am embracing a heart filled with Joy and a life abundant with Freedom.

The rain stopped and the sun came through the sky on Friday.
I gathered my little boy up for some play in the drive way.
When he ran right into a puddle in his freshly laundered shoes, I chose to laugh vs. cringe.
I scooped him up and went inside to slip him into his rain boots.
We walked up an down the street gutter while he splashed in the pools of dirty water.
(Even when he tipped over and was completely drenched in gunk)

Joy and Freedom.


  1. you are speaking from my heart today. it is as if you know my thoughts...thank you for this post. xoxo, Christi

  2. You are indeed, living each moment and that is beautiful! :) xxoo

  3. Freedom is a wonderful thing and such a gift. I am glad you have found it!

  4. prayers are being answered .... yours, mine - and countless others who love you deeply.

    I love hearing praise reports like this!!


  5. I love glad to hear that Joy is a part of your days...sometimes it is hard work, but worth the effort...darling photos!

  6. wonderful manta;-)
    oh...i love me some rainboots.

  7. That is so great Allegra! I love this post! You are just precious.

  8. Loved this post. :) Some days it's so much better to just choose freedom, huh?

  9. These are the moments you will treasure always :)