Monday, November 16, 2009

Why Won't He SLLLLEEEEEEPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I told you I had a great trip--I did.
What I didn't tell ya kid still ain't sleepin'!!
It's wrecked my immune system and my body clock
which meant last night
I had a date with Tylenol Cold PM.

I don't know what happened.

What I heard was this:
I missed a 11:30 pm wake up all
I bypassed the 3:00 am hysterics

What I know is:
I woke up in my clothes from the day before.
Jeans--Chonies-T-Scarf....with my bathrobe over it all.
I also woke up with a toddler in my arms.
Vague notion of how he got there.

What I will admit is this:
That was the most amazing night's sleep I have possibly EVER had.
I actually went to work in the clothes I slept in--I just changed my pants....that's all I changed....
don't think to hard about it.
I could actually smell myself at about lunch time when I ran to the post office.
that's gross.
I ate two slices of pineapple pizza with white garlic sauce for lunch.
I had a mini Milkyway at 7:32 am.
I think Faith Hill's talking voice for her Pandora Parfum commercial is totally fugly and makes me think her perfume must smell like old women and church restrooms.

Oh the pay back I am getting for the years I acted like this:I'm judging myself
Have at it


  1. An amazing night of sleep? I think I need to try some tylenol p.m. :)

  2. It does work like a charm...gotta do, whatcha gotta do! Hope it gets better soon...ever think of slightly drugging your kid:o

  3. Is that you? How cute! When you said that your pants were all you changed I was thinking something in my head and then you said don't think to hard about it and I laughed.

  4. I am dying, so funny!!! I sometimes wish I were sick so I could take Nyquil nighttime....heaven in a bottle:-) Regarding the same clothes and smelling....well....who hasn't been there;-)LOL

  5. Haha! So funny! I have totally done that before- meaning fell asleep in my clothes and was too tired to actually care. Hope you get some regular sleep soon!

  6. you are too funny!~
    i'm so sorry the little man isn't sleeping. that would do me in too!
    tylenol pm, nyquil, couple benadryl...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. OH GOSH>>>
    not taken all together of course

  8. :( boo I'm so sorry. Time to pull out all stops: benedryl or any nighttime medicine for the kiddo. He needs sleep. YOU need sleep!


  9. Did you say Tylenol PM? Ok....I'll give it a go and give the hubs a heads up that he's on "UP all night Abby duty". I am dying..face breaking out..weird cough...lookin like I have aged 5 years in the last 20 months of no sleep. Thanks for the tip. :)

  10. all to familiar....I love my tylenol pm nights, probably too much! I think those no sleep nights wear more on us then them! sorry...hope it gets better real soon or a I can see a new stock option for you!

  11. oh no! Your humor is still so good! i wish i had a good tip for your son to sleep... i dare not say it will pass cause it just sucks going through it and thats the last thing yo want to hear! so i'll throw that right out the window!
    Will it help to tell you that i want to take Tyenol PM after i talk to my 13 year old! someone has taken over my daughter's body cause I don't know her right now.... i'm sure hoping in a weeks time my sweet daughter will return or i'll swap a 13 with your 2 year old!
    think about it... you can have her clean your house, make dinner...

  12. get some sleep girl.
    we all live off of tylenol p.m. here.
    i got your package today...thank you.

  13. p.s. i wanted to mail your package today..but it might not go out till tomorrow...

  14. I just laughed out loud at that picture of you. Sean simply said "that's great." You are so loved in this house. Thanks for cracking me up. I don't see enough kid pictures of you.

  15. Hey girlie!

    I haven't been by in a while and I have missed it! You are so funny! I feel for you...I would be going insane! I had to laugh when I read Lissa and Paige's comments! Too funny! Hope you get some sleep soon!


  16. Hope you get some sleep soon!