Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gettin' Crafty

Sorry for the Debbie Downer who visited my blog yesterday.
She sure was as fun as an episiotomy.
{but seriously, right?}
All of your love and empathy/sympathy touched me.
The verses of encouragement reminded me to keep pushing!!
thank you :)

So on to some fun stuff.
The stuff I've been busy-ing my brain with.
Frenchie & Flea has been going wild with fun projects and Christmas crafts so I thought I'd shamelessly plug a few here for ya (click images to see in store):


Burlap Wine Bag

Holiday Card Set

Burlap Scrabble
Houndstooth & Leopard Gift Tags

F&F is getting ready for a BIG Event that will start on Monday.
You just may see a few of your favorite Etsy stores along the way and a few that may be new to you.
This Christmas is the Hand Made Christmas in our house.
We'll buy hand made or make hand made :)
If you like winning stuff, F&F will be your favorite place for about two week0 starting Monday :)
I'm just sayin...


  1. you know what ~ you are allowed to do whatever you want and pouring it all out in a post is your prerogative! (still unsure of the spelling on this one!) You are NOT a Debbie Downer.... and you can cry if you want to ~ it is your party..

    These new items are fantastic ~ loving the burlap wine bags!

  2. i'm asking everyone who believes in the power of prayer to please pray for my sister shauna. the cancer has returned and is now on her lungs and liver.
    thank you.

  3. Wow -- so many cute items -- will definitely be checking those out! Take care.


  4. I love the Happy Thanksgiving banner!!! I have a Happy Birthday banner, and I love it. I think the Thanksgiving one would be an excellent addition to my banner collection!

  5. Loving all of this crafty fun stuff! Consider me curious... :)

  6. Love the silhouettes. I'm such a fan of those! You made me laugh about your post yesterday... it's not like you were some Johnny Raincloud, you were just being real, and girl... the world needs a little more of people being real instead of slapping a phony smile over their pain and calling it good.

    I just heard a sermon this weekend and our pastor was talking about allowing yourself to experience the pain. He said that the common thought is that pain should be avoided at all cost... yet the only place without ANY pain is a leper colony. Their body doesn't allow them to feel any pain.

    His quote was, "Sometimes not being able to experience pain can actually kill you."

    He's right you know... it can kill you emotionally, and relationally and all other ways. So you just be yourself and where you are. We'll hang in there with you, because we've all been there before to one extent or another.


  7. OOOH! i love all the new stuff on the blog - and can't wait to see what's going on next week!!!


  8. Start a running tab for ME! :) i'm never going away!!! my ideas are spinning with your new items... your inbox is going to fill up fast and i'm only on my first latte! :)

  9. Such cute stuff...all of it! love it!

  10. I just love silhouettes! My mother had one done of me when I was 3, and I still have it to this day!

    I am sorry to hear you weren't feeling up to par yesterday, but am glad you are feeling better today! :)

  11. i love homemade/handmade there is nothing more special! i love all these little ideas! i'm off to check out frenchie & flea! thanks :)

  12. I love anything that took someone a bit of time to make. I'll have to check it out. Glad you are having a better day:)