Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Committed to Handmade...

Thanks to Katie, I felt inspired to share a little of my Christmas progress...and dreams.
Can I tell you that I am completely addicted to Etsy and may need a program?
This is the MOST fun I have EVER had Christmas shopping.
(If ya didn't know, Gifts are totally my love language)
I put endless thought into purchases and Etsy makes me feel like what I buy is that much more special!
Anyway--here's what I've been up to.
What fun shops have YOU found?

Wishies for the Midge
Child Teepee by GracieBeanBaby

Made With Love T by RoslynsCloset

Things I have purchased thus far...
Tiny Silver Circle Necklace by Roundabout

Custom Superhero Cape from superflykidz

Special Occasion Cream Bloomfrom


  1. Oh Etsy... just sucks a person right in doesn't it? Good luck on getting yourself some help... I may need some was well.

  2. middle name is addiction...
    and i am and etsy addict.

  3. LOVE IT! i WANT/NEED that circle necklace and the flower. I clicked on her shop and think the idea of putting that on your shoes is soooo cool! I just need somewhere fancy to go so that I can do that. :)
    I am wearing the hair piece I won from you all for thanksgiving!!!!

  4. I am a total fact, I am off to yours now!

  5. There are so many neat things on Etsy, I'm trying to buy part of my Christmas gifts on there, too. The Made With Love t is super cute!

  6. girl, you found some great things and that tent, is the perfect gift for my punk! thank you! maybe one day the midge and the punk can share a tent on an extended playdate! :)

  7. I have to say that you have totally inspired me to take the HomeMade Pledge. Guess what... I am making all of my gifts, yes you heard that right, 27 people to give to and I am doing Home Made, check with me after Christmas to see if I survived! lol... Have a great day.

  8. The Tiny Circle Necklace is beautiful and Midge will have a ball in the TP!!!!

  9. I just think it's such an amazing thing to support those on etsy! I've really been trying to this season.

  10. Love your favs. I think whoever created Etsy was a genius. Love it so much!!!

  11. The super hero cape is for C, right?? ;)