Saturday, August 1, 2009


She didn't dream of a big dress.
She never thought of bridesmaids.
She didn't picture a day.
She never even imagined a groom.
She had a plan:
White house. White BMW. White Furniture. One Cat. Sea Grass.
She protected herself:
No love. If no one comes in, no one can go out.

She found Love in Him and life changed.
She wanted what He wanted.
She met him.
She waited.
he found her.

She dreamed of a simple dress.
She thought of a few friends & family.
She pictured a moment on a beach in the fog.
She knew her groom.She thinks often of the best "mistake" she ever made.
The one "mistake" no one will let her forget.
She hurts now for the punishment she received.
She is grateful--if she couldn't have the dream she would have her moment.
He loves her every day.
Everyone tried to take that moment away.
A moment no one else could own
Lingers in her memory like a treasure box.
I hope that one day I will forgive
Never could I have imagined it happening like that.
Go and do what you must to own who you are! I will love you regardless! Just love me the same.
{inspirational photos from fab obsessed}

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