Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas With My Boys

Yesterday I got to talking with one of my best friends about Christmas.
"What are you doing? Where are you going? What parties are you attending? What are you buying?"
You know, all of the standard Christmas questions.
One, however, really stuck out to me...
"What are you doing with YOUR family?" She asked.
I responded, "My family? Oh, me and MY boys?
Christmas is about making everyone else happy."
"You HAVE to do something with your boys. Lets think about this," and her wheels were turning.

Although she left me mid thought to get her lunch ;)
I was intrigued and kept thinking on my own.

I looked at our calendar, canceled an event that I had attempted to host, sent out the email to all who were invited and sent an evite to my husband:
You are invited to Christmas with your family :)
December 18-20th we have NOTHING on the calendar and it belongs to US.
Join your son and I for the following:
Friday: Pizza & A Christmas Movie

Saturday: A Day on the coast. We'll eat burgers for lunch, visit the seals, and walk the town. That night we'll do a wagon walk downtown for hot cocoa. It will end with family movie night in bed!

Sunday: Church at Saddleback & Daddy's Rollie Pollies

Only rules are:

Consider it a dare to us both!!

I love you,


I love Christmas however this year already feels different.
I don't have the energy to decorate.
(apparently I wasted it on glittering pumpkins in October)
I don't want to buy a tree.
(I would rather donate the $60 to a family in need)
My brother will be working retail and unable to come home. My sister is going to Hawaii with her boyfriend (Lets not even talk about how I never would have been able to get away with that one!)
It will be my first Christmas entirely spent away from my family.
(Had to happen some time but doesn't mean I like it)
I'm really ready to start having Christmas with my boys not going anywhere!
(one day)

So, instead of moping --- aside from what you read above
My friend encouraged me to MAKE my own Christmas.
A little evite, a heart full of good intention, and Christmas is just around the corner!!

Oh, and my husband already RSVP'd Yes :)


  1. I am so glad you will be able to spend the time with your boys! Good job...Enjoy your family time, we will only have these times with our little ones for so long I personally plan to soak it up too!

  2. I'm soooo glad your hus said YES ;) I'm jealous of your family will be just delightfully perfect, i know it!

  3. I am soooo happy for you guys! If we are all not careful this amazing time of year can get too hectic and we can miss what is so precious about it!

  4. That is so cute! Glad ya'll are taking some family time, it's the best there is. Some year hubby and I are going to get a cabin up in the mountains of Colorado and spend Christmas with just our brood.

  5. Christmas does feel different this year. The decorations and gifts don't seem to be very important to me. Its the time with friends and family that matters the most. Especially time with you next weekend!!!

  6. That is awesome!! I bet your husband LOVED getting that invitation. And yes, too often the holiday's become all about accomidating other people. I have put my foot down in that area...I want my daughter to remember the holidays as a celebration, not just as a stressful time of hustle and bustle! Good job for having a great perspective!!!

  7. I love your evite idea!! I may even steal it. :)

  8. That sounds like an awesome family christmas! Good for you! xxoo

  9. This is perfect ~ I love it! We do take so much time trying to please everyone else, we forget to relax and enjoy our time together. You know have my own wheels turning and I thank you for it.

  10. i think your Christmas sound dreamy... you and your boys... twinkle lights... yummy food, movie and seeing the joy on your sons face being with his parents!!!

  11. dear allegra~ that's one of the best ideas i've heard in awhile! I'm inspired to think about something like this!

  12. That's an awesome idea! I know you'll have the BEST time

  13. I love are the sweetest!!! Happy christmas to you and your boys!