Monday, December 28, 2009

Praise in the Darkness

There are things you plan in life. You plan to go to college, you plan your wedding, you plan a family--technically. Then there are the things you never plan. You never plan on losing your home, a car accident, or loss of life. Perhaps we plan to avoid them, we plan to expect them but we can never plan how we will respond. Ever.

What do you do when the unplanned finds you?
What do you do when the unexpected knocks on your door?
You make a choice.
You give in and drown or you stand and praise through the darkness.

My unplanned, unexpected moment knocked on December 23, 2009.
The choice I made was intentional.
When I wanted to drown I chose to fight.
I made a choice:
I would remind myself of truth
"I know that God is able- I know that He still reigns- I know that LOVE has found a way."

I can't talk-- I can't give you reason yet-- I am repeating truth one moment at a time:
I am loved by a Great God
He has reasons beyond my understanding
I have much to be thankful for
My God looks at the storms as times He can draw me close so I will rest in His arms.
Like the Nooma video I love, I trust that He is saying,
"I love you, Allegra. I know the way home."


  1. Know that God loves you, is for you and never leaves your side, he is here for you always and forever. You can never change his love for you.
    Here for you if you need us.

  2. (((Allegra)))

    My favorite scene in the movie 'Prince Caspian'. Lucy comes against a vast army. Climbing the bridge with just a little butter knife but the look on her face is all confidence. The soldiers look as if they will burst out laughing- and then...coming up the the bridge behind her? The giant lion Aslan and his own vast army of Narnia.

    He is right behind you, Sweetheart- thank you for sharing and letting us pray with you.
    more Hugs,

  3. Oh Allegra, I'm so glad that I decided to look at your blog this morning. I am glad so I can know to pray for you. You are so strong and God will carry you along with our prayers.

  4. I'm praying with you Allegra and your family. God is right beside you to hold you and carry you through. If you need anything please email me. I'm here for you.

  5. hey girlie~ I WILL pray for you! You know where to turn! I'm here for you.

  6. I am praying for you my dear friend!!
    I am going to call you right now.

  7. Praying for you, friend. Let Him be your strength.

  8. i love you. you are a treasure in my life. WORSHIP. What an amazing first step. I'm learning so much from you. It wasn't my first step, and slowly, I'm getting there......and I know I can get there even faster with YOU by my side.

    I just hope in time of your need, I can be there for you just as you are for me.


  9. Worship is such a powerful, awesome thing. I'll be praying for you, my friend. Love you!

  10. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Allegra.

  11. Wishing you peace.....