Monday, December 21, 2009

Mommy's with Mullets

It's been soooooo long!
I would complain about how sick I was last week
(I missed 3 days of work after inheriting the most painful cold I've ever had...Thanks, Son!)
However complaining won't give those 72 hours back.

Aside from hanging my head over a completely pointless humidifier,
taking showers at 3 am just begging for nostril clarity,
and sucking back the Gatorade like there was no tomorrow,
I made an interesting decision.

I decided to get my hair cut.If your hair dresser is like MY hair dresser, she's impossible to get into!
Not only that, it's Christmas and I'm going to see countless relatives I barely know and don't talk to 364 days a year so my hair has to look good, right?
$105 later and with color I love, I left with a faux mullet.

Forgive me, I believe they are technically called "bangs"
BUT once the bangs extend past a certain part of your forehead, eliminating length that typically covers your ears, you have entered mullet territory.

So, sadly, I am forced to play with my hair more than usual in an attempt to save my mangled mane.
(Granted, it's probably not that bad, BUT if you tell me it's fine I won't believe you and if you say nothing I'll think you think I'm ugly. No winning.....Estrogen. AWE-SOME!)

*Note to self: No big decisions like BANGS when sick*


  1. just so you know mullets are all the rage here in the midwest.
    oh...and if you have some tapered jeans...with a jean jacket...
    then you would fit right in.
    xo package is in the mail...let me know when you get it;-)

  2. All so true about estrogen. No winning against that!

    I did the hair mistake myself, it was when the shorter in the back longer in front was the big craze and OMG, finally it has grown out. Lets just say I thought that getting a new do would help detract from the "girlfriends", well it didn't, it was a lost cause. Not only did I hate my hair but the girls looked bigger! Somehow, if there large like mine, not even a new trend will stop people from noticing... mine kind of lead the way for me! LOL!

    Hope you end up liking yours after you play for a while. I bet it isn't bad, we are our worst critics you know?

  3. Aaaaand the pix are...where exactly??
    C'mon now, you can't do us like that!

  4. LOL. Just rock it girl - I'm sure bangs or "faux mullet" you look great. I do totally understand the frustration of getting your hair cut and it not looking like what you were hoping. :/

    Would a headband help? Always a cute option :)

  5. Oh, I want to see a picture! I'm sure you look darling and hey, you've got style, so maybe you will bring mullets back! I am sooo glad you are feeling better, that sounds miserable. Have a Merry Christmas Allegra!

  6. picture please....and i promise i wont laugh....ok... maybe a little....everytime I get bangs i cry for 2 weeks after.

  7. Bangs and me don't work. I will think they will again though...and then curse them once I get them:-)

  8. And you are going to post the photos correct? I want to see...glad you are feeling better and just in time for Christmas! yipee!

  9. Hmmmm... long bangs or mullet. Let us be the judge. We'll be honest. You just need product that will add some texture I think. But I can't be sure until I see for myself.

  10. please. submit. photos.

    Honestly - you can't have a fabulously written mullet-tease post with NO PICTURES.....

    allegra. I know where you live. If I have to drive up there and take the pic myself, I WILL! ;)

    I've missed you, Cuz. Still super sad that I won't be seeing you and your cutie boys this week. boooooooooooooooooooooo


  11. i agree with previous girlies! we want pictures! Let us tell you how fab you look!

  12. I say post pictures too! Glad to hear you are feeling better!!!!!
    I love my business cards!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!

  13. oh I did that once when I was very prego with the big swollen face and I chopped my hair to chin length which made me look like a pumpkin with a wig on. I've looked better.... there is NO WAY yours in anywhere near that bad! You probably look darling.

    Merry christmas!

  14. Why do they feel that bangs need to extend so far back into mullet city? I've had stylists do the same thing to me, and with wavy hair it can be really terrible. Maybe try a french braid along your hairline, like Lauren Conrad?

  15. i've made that decision to cut my hair when i shouldn't have it can be hazardous! i chopped mine off a few years ago and cried for about 3 months over it! i'm sure yours will be ok. hope you are well, Merry Christmas!

  16. Hope you end up liking yours after you play for a while. I bet it isn't bad, we are our worst critics you know?

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  17. So funny! I am a hair stylist and my least favorite days are when I get a client who WANTS a mullet. Not cool. At least you got great color?

  18. Okay, hysterical, because I wrestled with the bangs thing forever! I don't think you could be anything but cute.

    Happy New Year,