Tuesday, December 29, 2009

10 Things That Make A Happy Day

10. An actually not-s0-good song that can make you dance despite bad lyrics.

9. A husband who does all of the dishes (including boiling the water to disinfect bottles when your house is missing a dishwasher...and you've bypassed doing it for weeks {months})

8. Trader Joe's pre-cooked spaghetti (because boiling water takes so much time!)

7. A cousin who is a friend and you know will always be there.

6. A Mom who takes a drive with you and buys you what you could never afford (I'm not above momentary material healing if it's offered ;)

5. A son who calls you at work to say "eh wuh oo. bye, bye." (Don't speak Midge? Translation: I love you, bye bye.)

4. Paying someone else to clean your house because you just need some kind of magic to take place without you behind it.

3. A bottle of red wine and a really hot shower because they are perfectly divine.

2. Seeing your friend's first ultrasound and that itty bitty baby I'll get to be buying present for soon.

1. A husband who says, "Lets run away. Lets call your mom and tell her to pick up the Midge and lets just leave." Because while you never actually would, knowing he's mentally right there with you and wanting to make it better is all I really need on this earth.


  1. Love your list...and #1 is my favorite! sending you loads of extra prayers, a giant hug and a wish for a very Happy New Year!
    Many Blessings!

  2. that's a great list.
    I wish i was your neighbor..then i would pick midge up for you and take him home with me for the weekend so you and your hottie hubby could spend some quality time together.

  3. I so get you girlie. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  4. I guess I will let #1 be better than #2, but my selfish side thinks that #2 is THE BEST! Can't wait to see you this week! Only 2 days away! Is it wrong to end every sentence with exclamations? Overkill?!?!!!

  5. Oh, yes. #1.
    Never let go of the fact that it is you and he against the world- and everything else is gravy.(((A)))

  6. #3 & #4 sound REAL good about now. In fact, I'm off to open a good bottle of red!
    The cleaner will have to wait;), I have my priorities straight!

  7. I am new to this blog thing but found my way to yours and it has felt like home. I enjoy you humor, pain and honesty... Oh and # 10, I am with you. I know my hubby loves me but sometimes I feel if he is just not there.

  8. Happy New Year sweet girl...I do hope, in my heart of hearts, 2010 brings you what you what your heart desires, wether is be a quick getaway or an air stream...you deserve it my dear! xoxo,Tara