Monday, May 3, 2010

Fists & Fat

Sometimes parenting can really kick me in the arse
I mean REALLY!
But mostly, when I surrender the control issue and really step back, it's mostly just a kick in the pants - as in funny (sorta).
At the very least, it's humbling.
Like, as my "Evil Spawn" took a break from his spawn-ity and cuddled I found myself in awe of his tenderness. He quietly rested on my chest and just rested saying
Ma-me, Ma-me, Ma-me
over and over.
but suddenly, his little hand just started to move
and next thing I knew
a fist full of my stomach rolls were in his hand and he just squeezed, released. squeezed, released.
Somehow, I did not throw him across the room in shock
I laughed
"Baby! No! {giggles} Don't play with mommy's fat!"

The amount of imperfections I find in myself through this one role - PARENTING - is daunting.
May as well laugh (when I release the grip I have on my own hair) along the way.


  1. may be the funniest post ever.

    boy, can i relate. glad i'm not the only one who says "arse!"

    also, glad my children aren't the only ones, who in the middle of giving me love and affection, decide to grab at my stretched out tummy skin or pull down on my tricep fat. :)

  2. AnonymousMay 03, 2010

    oh goodness, I have been there, my son has grabebd my tricep fat to help him balance in case he was to fall, uhm really? that was a sad day, but I took it with stride knowing that fat is only there cause I birthed him, not because I had a whole bag of torilla chips that day! :)

  3. Ummm... he was grabbing your skin, not fat. I see no fat on your skinny little body lady. You. Are. Hot.

  4. You have to love how little ones keep our heads from getting too big! Ha! And just so you know, from looking at your pictures...I'm not sure where you are getting the idea that you have any fat!

  5. ~sigh~ My husband does that.

  6. you are hilarious.... my tummy gets poked with an index finger by my little guy or a pat from my daughter.... nice :)

  7. haha. this post cracked me up. sophia points to my belly and says baby...i'm 26 weeks pregnant..but not so cute when she does it to grandma. haha.

  8. oh my gosh that is hilarious. I think this must be a universal requirement of little love on mommy's imperfections. Thanks for making me laugh:)
    <3 Anna