Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today, I am 28.
I kinda like that number.
It's round and pretty and...well, I think that's it.
Life has been FULL of chaos but the sort that is good.
The only way I have been able to describe what it all feels like though is this:
the IDEA of eating an entire chocolate cake seems divine
actually doing it will make you throw up.

So many amazing, God given blessings have "suddenly" appeared that I am personally spinning.
All of these amazing things mean BIG change and, as I've said before, while I love change in my pocket, it's a bit harder to deal with in my lived out life.
We are preparing to move, working weekends, and now I'm changing positions at work.
I am absolutely in awe and find myself overwhelmed with emotion.

So, today I'm 28 and I am thinking back on some of the biggest moments in my life
(in no particular order)
1. Trying without the fear of failure.
2. Learning when to say no.
3. Forgiving.
4. Learning what LOVE really is.
5. Discovering my spiritual gifts.
6. Obedience, even when it hurts.
7. Being Willing to answer a call.
8. Seeing complacency and striving to abandon it.
9. Pursuing the art of intention.
10. Relationships, they come and go and take work to remain.
11. Realizing words don't last, but actions do.
12. Defining my character.
13. Prayer and the power of it.
14. Mom. To become one, to love one, to see we're all just so painfully human.
15. Dreams are meant to be chased and meant to change.
16. Giving. It gives back ten fold.
17. Mercy. It has been given to me.
19. Humility
20. Surviving.
21. Victory.
22. Marriage.
23. Commitment.
24. Dedication.
25. Worship.
26. Learning to live by who God says I am, not by those in my small world.
27. Praise. Learning to give it all back to where it came from because this life is His.
28. Seeing my imperfection and realizing, I can't be anything but imperfect.

Amazing what one person can see, accomplish, do, feel, experience, lose, love, grow in, excel at, achieve, accomplish in just one life.
For the years to come, may I see it all and know....


  1. Happy Birthday....28 is a great age! But, life only gets better and better..you'll learn and grow and become more and more free to be who you were created to be.

    I used to say that I wanted to be eternally 28...but not anymore....I'm grateful for all that each year brings to me.

  2. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!! you are amazing and don't ever forget that!

  3. Happy birthday!!!!! You are who you are, unique and differente frome everyone, so enjoy your ride through this life. All my blessings on this special day!

  4. Happy Birthday To YOU!!! Celebrate YOU BIG TODAY :) I am so thrilled to hear that GooD things are happening in your world!!! you desrve every bit of wonderfulness that is bestowed onto YOU!!!
    many birthday wishes are being sent your way,

  5. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!!!
    Your words always touch me.
    Sounds like you have your work cut out for you in the year ahead....

  6. Ah Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you are being abundantly blessed because you deserve it. Hope the year ahead brings nothing but smiles.

  7. Happy Birthday lovely lady!!

  8. Happy Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you're having a wonderful day! xo

  9. Hi! Stumbled upon your blog...Happy belated birthday! What you wrote is beautiful and so true! Such a good reminder!

    Cute blog!