Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Faith is when you don't have the answers...

Lately I have been challenged to GIVE.
GIVE what I don't feel I have. GIVE what God has actually given me first. GIVE because He asks me to. GIVE to receive. I mean--GIVE.
This is an area that is hard for me.

In my mind I think: I work hard for this. I make little and have life to pay for. I want things. I need things.
In my heart I know: I have much, so how can I release what I have been given to bless others.

A few weeks ago I was reminded by my dear, dear, dear friend what GIVING means.
She is a woman who has stories that would knock your faith's socks off with how God gave to her through her obedience to give to others when He asked.
She made ME want to stretch my faith.
She reminded me--just today even--that faith is not about having the answers. Having the answers means you have knowledge, having faith means moving forward without them.
So, during that time when God was using her to speak to my heart, I listened.
As I drove home from work, KLOVE radio was hosting their Spring Pledge Drive and I felt God tell me to GIVE.
The station was asking for people to give $20. I felt like He said, "Give $30."
I pulled over on the side of the road and I gave $30.

Now, here's a funny part.

I ended up finding that I had been double charged.

I called my friend and told her, "Can you believe it? It was so hard for me to give and then I got charged twice! Hahaha. Am I learning a lesson or what?"

She said, "You've got two options, call and ask for the money back and be blessed regardless or let it stay and be blessed double."

I loved that response.

Today I am BLESSED.
Today I got to see what that $30 was all about and hear Him tell me, "I will never ask you to give what you can't afford to" along with "You can NEVER out-give me."
These lessons in giving have grown my heart exponentially!!
Now, all I can say is


  1. Generous givers receive generous blessings. My husband and I were just talking about this truth over the weekend. Our local church has really had a heart for missions and as it turns out, the more our church was giving, the more tithes were coming in. Funny how the more our church gave, the more God blessed the congregation who then honored him with their increase. Amazing!

  2. whoa. that was awesome. Give. Especially as Mom's when we feel like we have nothing left, God asks us to give...MORE.

    LOVE this post - so perfect for this self-centered person to get out of myself and seek what He's asking me to give.

    LOOOVE you. xoxo

  3. oh my gosh... our paths must have been crossing... I gave yesterday for breast cancer cause.... i had an issue last week with my first mamogram... called back.... lead to an ultra sound ... with results saying all was fine... but for 3 days my heart was in my throat... last night cooking dinner.. the phone rang they were asking for help raising money for breast cancer... I gave.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful my sweet friend!!! It is so true though, He will always give back to us more than we give, the only question is are we willing to make the effort to give in the first place...

    Big hugs to you ~

    :) T