Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bedroom Inspiration

Two years ago we moved into our current home the very day we brought our son home from the hospital.
It was our very first house we'd live in together and we became a family here.
Through our years in apartments, I never made where I lived mine always knowing I'd have to leave--until we came here. We put paint on the walls and started to shape our style.
the one room that never got touched with any sort of love was our bedroom.

Despite picking out paint chips and the dreams of making it a romantic place,
we never had time, we never invested, we just made do with what we had.
It never felt relaxing, it was just a place to get to the next day.
All of that over share being said--
Our new Master Bedroom WILL BE TRANQUIL & A WISH come true! ;)Our bedroom's colors are Benjamin Moore: WISH + 1 accent wall of TRANQUILITY
Our bedding is already very similar to the bedding above only now our room will have the well loved (aka: vintage) touches and sunshine accents of yellow throughout.
I found some gorgeous lamps like the one pictured above at Marshalls for $40 each (the one above was from Target and $219!)
Our current entry table will be re*purposed to become our bedroom dresser and is actually more beautiful than the one above (a flea market find for $110).
I found a gorgeous armless vintage chair on craigslist for $50 and scored an upholstery fabric very similar to the Pottery Barn swatch above for $6 a yard!

I am counting down the days to having our very own bathroom, walk in closet, and space that is just about US!


  1. Your plans look FAB! Looking forward to your after post!

  2. Just found your lovely blog. So much creativity and sweetness over here, love it!

    Wishing you a great new week. xo

  3. I love your picks!!! It's going to look so good,
    VERY exciting,

  4. CAN'T WAIT! to see it. :) It's high time that we do something with our love shack, too.... Bring on the inspiration!

  5. Will you come decorate my house? :)

  6. wow wee, your bedroom will be so romantic, cannot wait to see it!

  7. I know how you feel. I've lived in my house for almost 3 years and only now are we renovating our bedroom. Its not done but it already feels like a sanctuary. Hope yours feels like that too... your inspiration board is great!

  8. Oh my gosh! I am truly giddy with anticipation to see your new place. So happy for you guys! XOXO

  9. love everything! can't wait to see it :) hope you are well!! susan