Friday, June 11, 2010

I Like to Move it, Move it

Okay, this is a half lie.
I like to MOVE it on the dance floor but I hate MOVIN' it in real life!
You know, boxes, junk, garage sales, swearing I'll never buy anything ever again
(except oops! I really need the cart full I just bought at Marshalls)
contractors, a sick munchkin, new sounds.
However, while it's been absolutely mayhem-ic it's been SURREAL.AWESOME.AMAZING!
Not only have we moved into our first home though,
I got promoted into a new position at work.
An abundance of blessings that have all meant a cyclone of CHANGE.

Right now I feel like my life's job description is as follows:
Wanted: Full Time Mother/Wife/House Keeper/Employee etc.
Must have a degree in accepting chaos
Must love juggling like a circus pro

Skill Set Must Include:
  • Bathing toddlers & simultaneously cutting hair while head thrashing and screaming.
  • Master sweeper, mopper, and shoe nazi, "SHOES! OUTSIDE! NOW!"
  • Husband's biggest fan, "Hubby, Hubby, He's my man! If He can't do it, I sure can't!"
  • Business Partner. Must not heavy sigh and say "no" when asked to help participate in making it run.
  • New Girl in the department at work. Must poop sunshine in spite of the 90% chance of rain.
Position Benefits include: 401K in relationship investment. Enhancing that be careful what you pray for request to develop PATIENCE. A Bull Market in Emotions.
Pay Rate: Sporadic Smooches when not too exhausted. A Dishwasher & A Beach Cruiser to Pedal Away when you just can't take the paint fumes any longer. Limited time for self focus and minimal opportunity to sleep.
Honestly. This season has been one CRAZY ride and we're still watching the dust settle. This has been a season of abundant blessings and faith growing.
We have seen Him in our life so clearly. How He's never left our side and how He has walked us into this abundant moment of love all along.


  1. love this glad your head is above water.

    Praying it continues to go smoothly.

  2. so happy for you,it awesome when we can see god for exactly what he is.have fun decorating:)

  3. so glad to hear you're doing well. Moving is awful but it will be so nice to be settled in your own place.
    Congrats on the promotion!

  4. Cannot wait to see the new place!! Yay!!

    PS I love the Poo sunshine quote. So funny!

  5. I'm clapping for all your wonderful, fabulous chaos going all around you!!! A life full of blessings.... yippee,

  6. yipee!! congrats on the house so cool! I cannot wait to see the the paint choices, swoon!