Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Simple Joy

Being still is new for me.
I'm someone who has a million things going on all at once.
Take away my ability to be employed and well, move, & here I am with a true gift.I have been finding myself LAUGHING--laughing hard--when my husband cracks a joke.
I see my son's cups, the tent he put over his bed, his pj's draped on his dresser and I smile vs. feel burdened.
I know I can't do the chores so I'm exercising my ability to ask for help & then let go knowing it won't be done how I would do it, but it will be done.

I'm relaxed.
I'm at peace.
I'm choosing to enjoy what will be a very brief moment in my life of silence & stillness.

I'm finding the simple to be the most beautiful- a bunch of sticks my son collects on a walk are now a treasure.

True gifts.
Simple Joy.


  1. Soak it all in!!!! I'm always in motion too... And by reading your post it makes me realize what I do miss cause I oversee it all.
    Plopping down to watch gnome and Juliet with my kiddos!!!

  2. so beautiful friend. so sweet...i can just hear your peaceful spirit through these words.
    be blessed....

  3. These are the Mommy moments we can choose to hold tightly to! Thanks for reminding all of us.

    You're almost there, Mama!!