Monday, June 27, 2011

Love's Mercy

Is help something that is hard for you to ask for?
It is for me.
I don't believe it's pride that makes it hard, I believe it's a mixture of not wanting to burden anyone & needing to stand on my own two feet.So what happened when I found I couldn't even stand on my own two feet?
I battle a stubborn desire to resist diagnosis & yet somehow force myself to surrender.

I am 33 weeks pregnant and recently I was put on total bed rest.
I have ONE goal: make it to July 14.
It's been a challenge to feel 100% mentally capable and yet know/feel my physical limitations.
So I lay in bed with my toddler at school and my husband at work and I rest.

I am at the mercy of those who love me & it's an overwhelming blessing to see the neighbor that delivers meals twice a week, the friends who volunteer to get our groceries, bring food, or help with our son and the family who shows up to put us first.
Somehow the baby's clothes are getting washed, the build out is getting completed, the office will eventually transform into the baby's room, the furniture is moving, the errands are getting run, we are all getting fed, the house is getting clean, & I am taking care of one little life who needs me more than anyone else does.
My husband is employee, business owner, construction worker, daddy, mommy, maid, & care giver.
And, he's those things with this smile, this joy, and this devotion that make me feel like I can surrender.

I can learn this thing called: rest.
I can find this thing called: stillness.
I can search this thing called: grace
I can be everything I need to be: at peace, in Him, in love, and in restful excitement for this brief moment before we welcome our new one home.
This baby will bring change and a new start to three people who can't imagine a different life from what we live but will soon not know how we lived without our new addition.

Off I go now to rest in a new peace caring for one and being cared for by all.

Thank you, Family & Friends.


  1. Oh sweet Alegra, if i was near you i'd come running! rest, let others help {being needed is also such a gift~ i love knowing i have made a difference to someone in need} I will keep you ALL in my thoughts and prayers for a wonderful restful few weeks and you make it to July 14!!!
    cant wait to hear the announcement!!!

  2. A friend just forwarded me the link to your blog...she knew I needed to read this! I've been on full bed rest since 24 weeks...I'm now 28...and have a long time to go! Bleh! It is SO hard to accept help and just watch other people take care of things...especially my toddler. Yet it's such a blessing that they are so willing. I look forward to reading your thoughts as you go through these next few weeks!!! We'll make it, girl!!!

  3. I'm so excited for you girlie. You look adorable by the way. I scrolled down. Six to seven weeks will be here before you know it and then that little one will change everything. You are so right. Congratulations:)

  4. I love you, Legs! You have such a beautiful outlook. Enjoy your stillness and let your boys take care of you while you take care of #2. Hang tight and I know you'll make it to July 14 and beyond. LOVE YOU!