Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PROJECT: Wallpaper Shelving

Mission: Add Some Back Splash!

As it turns out, what I thought I came up with in my head is actually a big trend at the moment--using wallpaper to spruce up the mundane!
Here's one source for example!

So, for the cupboards in the first photo--which are filled with stuff that "isn't quite in it's place yet"--I am trying to figure out which route to go:
contact paper, wall paper, gift wrapping paper.
I just need a little something without a whole lotta permanent commitment!


  1. we used contact paper on Ben's little table, and I love it. :) And it's easily removed! And cheap!

  2. scrapbook paper with mod podge!!!

  3. You totally just reminded me that months ago I saw wallpaper used on the underside of shelves and I meant to do the same but the shelves are up.

    I wonder if I could take them back down.

    Your project looks amazing!

  4. If you want a temporary look - check out The Nester's post:

    She used a hot glue gun to put scrapbook paper on the back of her hutch. She said the hardened glue popped off when she decided to change the look. How cool, huh?! She also used hot glue to put up temp bead board in her rental all her ideas!