Monday, April 5, 2010

The "US" in Uterus is Deceiving

Recently there has been some interest my uterus.
More specifically than interest in my uterus is the interest in it's intention for future reproduction.
I hesitate to use such strong words however when someone looks at my nearly two son and says
"So when's the next!"
I feel it's equally as "shocking" to ask such a thing as it is to use words such as "uterus" and "reproduction."I recently had to make a tough work decision.
I was given the opportunity to expand my job knowledge by working for two weeks in Hawaii--with my family none the less.
However, the two weeks just so happen to fall over my son's birthday.
In the interest of family, a party I've already planned, and well--perhaps a little bit of my sanity--I passed on the opportunity to spend two weeks in a tropical office.

When recently questioned to explain why I chose to bypass the opportunity-beyond the fact that it's my son's 2nd birthday I was struggling to find an answer that appeased, it was suggested to me that perhaps I should use the cousin line to "I'm on my period" that would close the door on the questioning--something like, "I'm scheduled to spend time with my husband that week if you know what I mean!"
While I laughed at the thought of how sitcom funny, not real life funny that would be, it reminded me of the twenty questions I received over Easter...

"Wouldn't Midge look great with a sibling? So, it's about that time for another one, right? Or my favorite, you did so well the first time, why not another!"

To answer all: 1. I think he looks great without a crying baby next to him. 2. Not sure what YOU mean by time for another but are you offering to provide live in assistance or at least a weekly babysitter? and 3. Ew. Lets just not talk about that.

So, in an effort to really answer the looming question that seems to be lingering on the palette of family onlookers:

"The application process for opinions on the future of my uterus is now closed. please keep all further applications to yourself and file under 'none of your business'"

PS- I say this with 96.7% laughter and humor.
While I'm open about a TON of personal issues, my reproduction timeline isn't one of them.


  1. Hysterical! I remember those comments well...especially when my second child hit the two year mark. It's amazing what can come out of people's mouths isn't it?! Enjoy each day...being a mom is an amazing ride...

  2. you're too cute! i too remember those, i tried to remind myself they mean well and just let them roll off. people sometimes don't think before they talk :) have a super week! susan

  3. ohh goodness I have been there too...why do people feel the need to ask this question? Just smile and walk away when they is all up to YOU anyway!! hang in there, if you need anything just call or write, either way I am here!

  4. While I know this is real life and not funny, I love your sense of humor. I think the timeline has to be on your terms and when you are up all night with a 102 fever and a call from a friend that their kid has pink eye (of course right after you had a playdate) it really makes you want to wait that much longer!
    I wonder what people think when I respond with well, it took awhile for someone to offer me this one, are you offering me yours? Then walk away and they are left scratching their heads! lol.
    Your son is beautiful, you are wonderful and a great mother, who says there needs to be anymore that is between you and your hubbs!

  5. I love everything about this post- the title, the honesty, and the humor. Fabulous, as always. P.S. got a new blog going (finally).

  6. Thats funny because although I've only been married for 4 1/2 months and am now 3 months pregnant people are already asking me if I plan on having more.

    Good Lord people! What do you want from me?!