Monday, April 26, 2010

A Big Top Birthday

The Midge is 2!
...and there's just something about it that's oh so
it's a wee bit like a carnival ride.
Sometimes I wonder, "Did the carnies include ALL the pieces for this seemingly unsafe ride?"
and others I think, "This is more amazing than cotton candy.I seemingly had no idea how much of a metaphor his party theme would actually be,
but while totally exhausting--it was totally worth it.
I had so much fun giving my brain 2 months to come up with the little details that made this day fun for me
(and hopefully others).
So the company is gone.
The family has left.
And the amazing red velvet cake has been eaten.
We are tired but alive and have so much to be thankful for!
{like a healthy, totally normal, testing boundaries midget monster!}


  1. wow great photos! i love all of the details! fabulous job!

  2. Happy Birthday Midge!! Great photos ~ love them all!

  3. love it!!!!!! that is the cutest party idea! fun for the kids...and you too! ;)

  4. Happy Birthday to the midge!! great party and wonderful photos!!

  5. It was lots of fun and the popcorn was yummy :o)

    Happy birthday to the midge!

    Nice job!

  6. i love a good birthday party :)

  7. Found your blog over at Busy Budgeting Mama!!! Happy Birthday to the little one. Looking forward to reading follower!!!

  8. huge fan of you and your blog! i featured you in a post today! feel free to stop by and grab a featured button!

  9. It was red velvet cake?? Now I'm a little upset we could cut it at the party... Was it amazing? I hope you had extra for me ;) You did a wonderful job with the party. Midge is so lucky to have you as his mom.

  10. Thanks for letting me know about the mustache molds! :) Loved the entire party!