Sunday, March 6, 2011

If I had a camper...

I'd do something crazy.
I'd pick up and take off.

I'd tell my man to hitch it up to the back of the car.
I'd throw the munchkin's sleeping bag in the back.
And we'd hit the road.Not forever.
Just for a few days.

We'd admit: this isn't how we would have planned the first few months of 2011.
We'd praise: that we believe in His plan above our own.
We'd sing: songs of joy and stand our hearts on solid ground.
We'd laugh: because we know, one day we'll look back and say, "Remember when...this is why."
We'd breathe: this is a new moment and it is ours.
If I had a camper:
We'd be on the road.
We'd find out spot by the ocean or among the trees.
We'd just be.

Something tells me it's going to get harder than this.
SomeOne tells me the end is going to be so much better than this.


  1. love.

    love your posts.

    love your family.

    love your guts.


  2. What a fun post. Great choice of pics. Have a bright day...Chickie
    PS I keep trying to convince my husband to get me one of these cute trailers..ME one for me.He he. My friends would like it too! or a tree house.We have palms trees here so that wont work.....